Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Palmer-Wirfs Portland Expo never disappoints . . . !

Happily exhausted from the Palmer-Wirfs Portland Expo show

(temperatures climbing to nearly 100 degrees!),

we've arrived safely home in Bellingham--greeted by comfortable weather

conditions around 70 degrees (we're soooo spoiled!!).

It's difficult to gauge how successful any show is going to be in

challenging economic times. I'm always tremendously grateful to

have a show that doesn't land me in the dog house.

Palmer-Wirfs Portland Expo certainly brought in the crowds!!

The buying public was a bit more reserved than in previous shows,

and--thank goodness--they were buying!!

Having said that, customers "just looking" at either merchandise

itself--or trying to determine

market values for something they own--does not help dealers afford

to return year after year. Purchases are absolutely essential.

Demands of customers have changed, both in terms of perceived financial

"value" of an item, as well as the desirability of the merchandise

itself . . . leaving many hard-working dealers with inventory

that may not meet the criteria of the new--increasingly younger--buying public.

This is a new "dance partner" . . . for both dealer and customer, and we

have to communicate and be fair with each other in seeking ways

to have our needs met. This is not "business as usual" for any of us, that's for sure.

But the challenge is exciting and keeps us fresh!

There is a new balance evolving, but it feels very much like walking a tight-rope

at times. Being just a bit *scared* keeps us on our toes, right?!

Many cultural, technical and political changes are certainly stirring the pot.

But humanity has shown tremendous resiliance, creativity and

drive over the years . . . the present being no exception.

It's easy to get discouraged . . . not knowing what the next right

step might be. It's important to remember the singular characteristic

that binds us to each other in this industry: PASSION!!

But passion is a two-sided coin (like love); and sometimes our interests

may collide--where creative jealousies and competition rule, instead of

mutual collaboration and sharing.

Hey, it's human--but we're all on the same, ultimate path. Soooo . . .

. . . like this beautiful customer, let's ENJOY that path together!!!

I thank each and every one of you for stopping by my booth--if only

to say hello. We share space on this amazing earth and are so blessed to be doing so!

THANK YOU Portland for another great show!!!

* * * *

xoxo Debi

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Portland Expo: Hall E . . . Spaces C6 & C7

Portland Expo is the largest--and most serious-- show of the year for me.
With over 1,200 booths and literally tens-of-thousands of customers,
the pressure is on for presenting the best-of-the best!

Displaying my finest antique & vintage collections in an approachable,
friendly fashion is very challenging. I don't want
anyone feeling they can't come in and be comfortable
exploring for items from $5 . . . and beyond!!

There are many flavors of ice cream . . . none is actually
better than the other--it just depends on what you
like and are comfortable spending for the taste.

Portland Expo is known for being the place to find the cool urban,
the rustic, the funkiest junk. I will not disappoint!

Being the most physically demanding and expensive show we do,
it's imperative to make it count. I've been
planning the mix of stunning merchandise for a year!

When you have a "traveling shop", it's difficult to
display experienced treasures in a new light each time.
My greatest desire is to please customers and delight their
senses . . . the world is so full of treasures created
by talented and loving hands. Shared passions for us all!!

This is but a tiny bite of a very satisfying meal awaiting
you in the next week. Please join me--I'd love
to connect with you in the joy
of the amazing, the common, the deeply rooted
arts of the ages!!

This is my inescapable, true path . . . please come
and share a bit of it with me.
For as long as I can remember, the beauty of
the past has been an awe-inspiring
treasure map for charting my future.

To be truly modern, hip or--whatever word melts your butter--
(apologies from a southern-girl), your soles must
be rooted in the past to walk on *new* air!

How you integrate that amazing past with your hopeful future is
where the most satisfying pleasure lies. Not many young people
want to be "old-fashioned", except maybe in values.
We have a rich *life-tapestry* to draw from . . . .

Please come explore the beauty and share the enchantment.
Words are inadequate . . . come see the magic for yourself!!!!

xoxo Debi

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st

Birthdays always makes me feel like a happy kid!

Today I celebrate being alive . . . having such wonderful

family, friends and a business that feeds my soul. It's a good day!!

xoxo Debi