Monday, October 31, 2011

Ormolulu at Island Retreat Antiques & Vintage Market in Anacortes

Here are a few photos from the Island Retreat Market in Anacortes

this past Saturday . . . it's been a busy month, so we

hope you enjoy the photographs we took!

Best wishes for a HAPPY HALLOWEEN

. . . last photo from the top of

our fridge to you!!!!

2nd Saturdayz Urban Market is our next stop . . . 

join us in Seattle, Washington,

on November 12th!

* * *

We're gonna glitz it up for the HOLIDAYS!!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Remnants of the Past Show - San Luis Obispo

If  I  could  save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do . . . 

is capture Judy Watkins' Remnants of the Past Antique Show,

which was held last weekend in lovely San Luis Obispo!!!

We poured our heart and soul into the booth for this special show, 

and clearly we weren't the only ones to do so!  I'm still

reeling from all the beauty and inspiration that

surrounded us.  Sadly, we had no time after

our complex setup to take photos of 

those other booths . . . .

I expected time would be short, but we barely finished setup  

 before Security had to pitch us out for the night!  If you

look at Ormolulu on Facebook, you can see 

the structural challenges we were 

dealing with . . . but it did

come together.

We were pretty satisfied with the results and hope you enjoy!!

It still seems somehow surreal that we were even

there . . . very much like a lovely dream.


For me, the absolute highlight of the show was getting to meet 

Brooke & Steve Giannetti during their signing of

 PATINA STYLE . . . a  stunning new book

created  by  the  combined talent of 

Brooke's design skills & Steve's 

architectural prowess.  I've 

admired them for years,

following their blog

We couldn't have pulled this off without the fantastic assistance 

of Jim's son--Daniel . . . and Sela--Daniel's beautiful and

hard-working girlfriend.  They were with us

every step of the way . . . pushing to 

get it all done.  This was the 

most physically demand-

ing show we've 

ever done! 

* * *


dear Daniel and Sela--you ROCKED!!!

We also extend our gratitude to Trinidad of Atelier de Campagne.

He has made us feel welcome and calmed our nerves with 

a combination of humor and charm!  They really

*broke the mold* with Trino Castro . . . !

We thoroughly enjoy our friendship

with Trino and Team Atelier.

Can't wait to see you

guys again!!!

To Judy Watkins, the heart behind this magnificent show, we

simply can't thank you enough for inviting us into

your world.  The word "inspiration" can 

seem so overused these days,

but we feel totally 

infused with

renewed enthusiasm and confidence because of

you.  You've set a standard for show

promoters that in all our years

of doing shows (and it's a

LOT of years!), you

are the BEST!

Judy's staff were all equally amazing, trying to help every

step of the way.  We especially appreciated the

extra efforts and constant smiles of both

Cheryl and Helen--thank you!!

*  *  *  *

I can't possibly remember the names of all the FABULOUS vendors

we met at ROTP . . . my brain and body are beyond

exhausted.  But I'd like to shout out on the

rooftops, that you're a decidedly

outstanding group of folks

in every way.  We

loved being

with you!

It was reassuring to have Dawn & Jeff, Thea & Chris, Kathryn,

Carla & Debra, Nancy & George, Cindy & Barry,

Robyn (Lipstick Gypsy & family) from 

the Pacific Northwest in the 

house too.  Even if we

couldn't chat much,

it was GREAT

to see you!

And Celeste . . . this hugs's for YOU!!!

What a great surprise to see

your beautiful face!

* * *

Okay, now we have to go unpack and 

return the big rental truck.

. . . then we collapse!!!