Sunday, June 27, 2010

Craven Farm Antiques Tailgate

Saturday's Craven Farm Antiques Tailgate was a whirlwind!

Up at 3:30 a.m. to finish final packing, drive

to Snohomish, set up on the grass from 6:15 to 8:00 am,

ONLY five hours to sell (. . . happy, eager buyers--thank you!!),

repack the remainder (took less than one hour--that's a first),

and head back home, a whole lot "lighter"!

Thanks to CRAVEN FARM for a delightful, mini-show!!

* * * *

No time to rest on our laurels . . . repack two vans and the trailer, and head off

to the giant Portland Expo, coming July 10 & 11.

Previews coming soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

RED, she said!!

Carol Braden of Seattle, an extraordinary artist in her own right,

(check out the mosaic guitar on the wall!) . . . turned my

rusty, dirty, old swim lockers into a

knock-your-socks-off bold and beautiful display for her home.

Wheels were added for functionality/ease of moving.

Take a look at her amazing mixed media works

on the hot-link above for mosaic sculptures, mirrors,

mini-French dress forms and more.

Excellent vision and stunning results, Carol!!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pac & Hap!

We've been going at warp speed . . . from one venue to another.

Back to basics--update Pac Gal space.

Always an unusual mixture of beautiful items,

from junque . . . to rustic . . . to mid-century . . . to fine!

There's a sophisticated, bohemian "feel" to it.

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Iconoclastic refusal to theme my display . . . the

world offers so many awesome treasures--you pick what rocks your world!

Briefly revisiting Hap's Barn Sale--what a group of amazingly

resiliant vendors. Friday was gorgeous, giving

us false evidence of what was to come.

Yet--in the POURING DOWN RAIN--lost count at 800 people (!)

venturing down the long driveway to explore

the treasures underneath our water-sagging tents.

I made some fantastic new friends, shared some wonderful

food & beverages (:0)) offered by Hap Rowley for all of us to enjoy.

And enjoy we DID!!!!!!

* * * *

Craven Farm Tailgate up next (had enough rain, thank you very much!).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hap's Big Barn Sale - Part 2

Here's a little "preview" of the location for Hap's BIG BARN SALE this

Saturday and Sunday in Poulsbo.

I'll be on the other side of this garden arbor,

under the big, beige tent

(south side of long driveway . . . front yard of the white house).

The is the big maple tree where my tent will be . . . .

Just beyond this red barn is a small pasture that will be brimming

with antiques/vintage vendors . . . truly an old-fashioned, country sale!

This little red cottage is where Hap lives--she and her son built it!!

(Did I mention she's almost 80 years young?!)

Check out the beautiful surroundings . . . .

Inside the white house you'll find "real" antiques, like this

darling Heywood Wakefield crib with bunnies hopping on the side.

This collection of old decoys has my eye--love the old patina!!

* * * *

Come one, come all to Hap's BIG BARN SALE, where it's impossible

to predict just what you'll find! The atmosphere

is laid back, informal and fun.

* * * *

So bring yer cash, bring yer truck, and Lord please bring us some sunshine . . . !

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hap's Big Barn Sale - Poulsbo, WA

A living-legend in the antiques world, Hap Rowley, turns 80 years young

very soon. The usual date of her much-anticipated "Big Barn Sale"

has been moved to this coming weekend, June 19 & 20.

Hap's been doing this barn sale for nearly 20 years . . . and while

we haven't done this show before, we're confident it's gonna be a good one!!!

Check out the sidebar for directions and information.

Vendors will be set up on the level pasture under tents

and Hap will be in the barn, as always.

This is bound to be a treasure hunt with something for EVERYONE . . .

antiques, vintage, garden and cool junk & stuff!!

It even appears the weather will grant us a break too, so please

come to Poulsbo . . . make it a special Father's Day Weekend in the sunshine.

Friday, June 11, 2010

. . . the tasty filling of my Farm Chicks "sandwich"

What can I say that hasn't been said so many times already . . . best

show, best vendors, best customers, best time, best stuff and

my BIGGEST thanks to each and every beautiful spirit I had the

exquisite pleasure of sharing The Farm Chicks Show with!!!!

I'm still feeling the thrill, but the adrenaline is gone; and I'm glad

to have a few days before packing for Hap's Big Barn Sale in Poulsbo

(look at side-bar for information).

Please enjoy my photos . . . it wasn't that I was so selfish to take pics of

my booth alone. I barely had time just to take these!

As always, if something here catches your eye . . .

. . . just pop me an email inquiry!

If it hasn't sold (and LOTS did!) I'd be happy to send additional photos for you!!

Already planning for NEXT year!!!!

xoxo Debi

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Farm Chicks . . . skipping to dessert!

Okay, here's the ice cream on the cake (and no doubt the most widely
photographed object at The Farm Chicks Show)! Look at the clouds
Serena made--don't they look real?!

There was so little opportunity to get out and take photos of all the
charming, fabulously talented people at this show--but I did get
lucky, being on the steps at * CAKE * on Saturday evening
just when the sweetest talent of all appeared. I decided to showcase
these adorable pictures first . . . you will understand what I mean!!

Introducing the sweetest little performers . . . Celeste of Chaps & Cake.

Lovely, gracious, composed . . . Celeste maintains a work schedule
that is not for the faint of heart--AMAZING woman!!

The four Bartels children at their American debut . . . . .

Don't think there was a dry eye in the place--got tears on my camera lens!

Look at the composure in this beautiful child . . . bliss!

Proud mother, Shari Bartels, has penned a lovely book entitled As a Mom.
The charming, evocative illustrations were created by Shari personally.
Here's a brief regarding the background to this
heart-warming book:

Shari Bartels was inspired to write As a Mom while listening to news events unfold on the radio as she was parked in her car waiting for her children to be dismissed from school. In a world busy with the hustle, relativisms and uncertainty, she thought it was important to write down the things she most wanted her children to learn and experience that might help them lead a noble and honorable lives. On the back of a receipt she found amongst sippy cups and discarded grocery lists she scratched down some hopes for her children, as a Mom. After persistent encouragement from her husband, she decided to share the tale with other Moms in a hope that it would open up conversations with them and their children.

The rest of the evening, I set my camera aside to fully experience the magic
of that incredible moment. After an action-packed first day
of The Farm Chicks Show, I didn't think I had the energy to hold my
head up . . . but, once inside and sharing the delights with so
many other hard-working vendors and friends, the energy
filled me with sparkle (or was that Celeste's new signature cocktails?!).

* * * *

made Saturday so very memorable!!!

xoxo Debi

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Farm Chicks "sandwich" . . . first, the bread!

Symbolically speaking, I've just experienced the

best-darned sandwich of my life!!!

The first-and-third-parts of this "journey-sandwich"

included two terrific slices of bread:

George's Bakery and Bad Girls Antiques in North Bend

(on the way to Spokane)

. . . and The Yellow Church Cafe in Ellensburg

(returning home to Bellingham after the show).

* * * *

The delicious and deeply satisfying "filling" of the incomparable

Farm Chicks Show will be my next post, so stay tuned!

This antique, decommissioned GIANT mixer stands loud

and proud in the bakery cafe--a piece

of pure, historical sculpture and the biggest and heaviest one I've

ever seen (no Sue . . . Joe says you can't buy it!)

This is the front window of George's Bakery.

Just imagine all of these vintage baking tools showing

up at a Farm Chicks Show!!!

The case of goodies is topped by vintage

aprons, pot holders, and

other vintage "kitschen" paraphernalia!

Before bounding back onto the freeway (happy tummy), a

mandatory stop at Bad Girls Antiques.

I always find something wonderful to take home

(thanks to Jeanne & Hal!).

If the van hadn't been so full, more

of these garden cuties would have made the

trek to Spokane with me!

Now--moving on to the second slice of tasty bread

in my "journey sandwich" . . .

This is The Yellow Church Cafe, owned

(and catered) by the talented Rhoda Simpson.

A phenomenal kobe burger for Jim and chicken alfredo

for me . . . a fitting reward for the successful (and exhausting)

show in Spokane. Oh, yes . . . another piece of chocolate

cake for the road (can you get enough chocolate?)!

Check out the ceiling inside the cafe . . . there is

so much to be grateful for in life!

. . . charming reminders that frequently the small things

in life are what truly matter the most.

Serendipitously, I saw this pale yellow pickup truck

on I-5 just north of Everett . . . warming my heart and soul

with a sweet reminder of Saturday night's festivities

at dear Celeste's phenomenal Chaps Restaurant!!

Oops--getting ahead of myself . . . the filling for this "journey sandwich"

will be served in short order!

xoxo Debi