Monday, August 31, 2009

. . . Edwardian mantle via nova . . .

Shelley Versteeg-Smit, the talented owner of Fishtrap Creek Interiors in Lynden, was searching for a "French headboard" to go in her beach cottage.

When she described the 650 square foot cottage's tiny bedroom--and the constraints of the window where the bed was to go--I suggested she consider this Edwardian fireplace mantle.  Shelley's keen eye immediately seized upon the vision of a unique headboard that would hold her collection of seashells and coral.

Six inches will be removed from the bottom of the mantle, creating the perfect dimensions to fit under the cottage window.  Scrub the pale taupe, chippy paint, install headboard against wall, snuggle the double-bed perfectly inside, and voila!

Just imagine . . . Edwardian mantle-turned-headboard, seashell/coral encrusted delightful surprise for the eyes in this tiny bedroom.  Small rooms can be challenging to decorate, but a surprise "anchor" piece will make this room POP!!

Stay tuned for Shelley's perfect cottage bedroom . . . and wait until you see her dining room table!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

. . . a few projects completed . . .

This complex, Victorian scraps decoupaged trunk was scuffed and scraped all over.  The obvious love and attention to detail that the original craftsperson put into this is amazing!  

A small paintbrush, lots of patience, raw umber paint, dab-dab-dab, a bit of over-lacquer . . . what a thing of beauty!  I'm not very talented at making anything, but I do enjoy some restoration.  This was particularly gratifying.  Does it look over 100 years old? 

It's taken us awhile to get back to the chalkboard project--was searching for just the right moulding to trim the top of it.  From, quite literally, a big hole in the wall to antique slate chalkboard for our kitchen . . . now our "to do" list can't be ignored!  

before (well, actually after hole was filled in) . . .

. . . and happily every after!

Does anybody know how to clean old slate?  The chalk adheres to all the pits and dings in the slate.  Can it be painted over with chalkboard paint without ruining the slate?  Would appreciate any advice from amazing do-it-yourselfers out there!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


. . . down by the SandPoint!!!!

Yep, another preview for the August 30th SandPoint Show in Seattle. We're talking clam shells, helmet shells, murex shells, pink conches, rubis shells (used by jewelers to make cameos), nautilus, coral, and even tridacna gigas (you'll have to come to see this GIANT!).

There will be French doors, vintage French sateen thread (original labels), garden glider, porcelain street sign (double), and iron and tile table (turquoise & creamy yellow)
huge Victorian wire floral stand, French painted cupboard . . .

Antique brass stencils, 10-foot dining set with six chairs (dreamy, creamy white),
white ironstone and pottery . . .

. . . such cool stencils . . .

French seltzer bottles,
Religious artifacts (Santos, rosary beads, crucifixes from Europe) . . .

So get out of bed on Sunday, August 30--early buying at 8:00 AM!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Dani Miska is the happy recipient of Ormolulu's complimentary door prize at Hot Blogust Night at Annie's in Snohomish.  She sent a photo of the statue's new home--isn't he perfect?!
Here's what she sent me, along with the picture:

Hi Debi,
I just wanted to let you know what a lucky girl I was tonight. I was selected to pick a door prize at Annie’s. When I saw your lovely little boy amongst the other prizes I knew he must be mine! He is darling and I can’t wait to place him in just the perfect spot in my home. Many thank for your thoughtfulness. I truly appreciate it.
Love your blog too. So beautiful and interesting…a work of art in itself.
Thank you again,
Dani Miska
I'm so glad you're happy--and a BIG THANKS, Dani, for supporting the Hot Blogust Night--hope you found more goodies to take home with you!


Sunday, August 9, 2009


Whooee . . . what fun!  Shopping in the gratefully cool evening of beautiful Snohomish, sipping wine, snacking on gourmet goodies, chatting it up with blogger beauties, and--did I say SHOPPING?!

So nice to be the customer for a change!!   My haul included a herald-crested trivet, a tiny marble box, and a clock face from Annie's . . . and a darling metal boudoir lamp base from Faded Elegance . . . and three French towels from Curly Willow.  

ORMOLULU blog badge was making the rounds--landed on this wondeful basket full of antlers at Annie's.  All bloggers got to pick from a bowl of discounts!  Annie and Mary pulled out all the stops, serving wine, shrimp, salads, cheesebread, cookies, & dipped strawberries--delicioso!  Giveaways included cute hats, hand-made gift tags and door prizes.  

Above is am AMAZING printed mural at Annie's--larger than life!

This is Kimberley at Faded Elegance, standing in front of the most amazing French doors.  As always, she had a beautiful spread of champagne, cheeses, crackers & strawberries!  The floral lamp base on the left of the first photo above has moved from Faded Elegance to my kitchen.  

Regretfully, I didn't have my camera to capture sightings of elusive (?) bloggers such as the elegant Mimi Charmante, charming Maison Douce, always rosey A Thing for Roses, cheerleader extraordinaire A Girl Named Timi (and good sport husband), darling WSU Laura, pretty My Sweet Savannah (oops, is that right?!), and more, more, more!!!  Unfortunately, the wine got me chatting and buying instead of taking adequate photographs.  

Thank you, ladies, for a relaxing and beautiful evening!!