Thursday, July 30, 2009


Deliriously happy to be home from two successful but demanding shows and a move into Splendid, I gaze on meaningful treasures unearthed in rare moments apart from a workload that can be fully appreciated only by other vintage junkers who share this path!!

No signs of "sign" fatigue for me . . . the STARS "star" added to my collection!

Being resolutely impassioned about my chosen profession, moments of self-doubt flee in the private surroundings of my home and family. All the physical pain, sweat equity, angst about the success (or lack thereof) that always attends the risk of doing shows, long hours of planning and designing, mixing and combining sometimes "unmarriageable" but nevertheless worthy merchandise--pass into a pleasant anmesia of the negative and leave an enduring memory of moments of ecstacy and delight . . . the people, the sunshine, the beauty of it all. I'm forever grateful for the many gifts of this life, especially my friends and supporters!

Thanks, Lynne G. -- LOVE this three-tiered stand with seashells & coral in it!!

Thanks, again Joe & Jermonne!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


By now, the blogosphere is ablaze with kudos for Joe & Jermonne, the legendary Barn House Boys. This was a not-to-be-missed event, featuring the best of the best. EVERYONE pulled out all the stops! Since I was in the barn most of the day (and completely exhausted at the end), I must rely on the many talented photographers who captured the big picture (and what a BIG picture it was!). Check out Shabbyscraps, Mimi Charmante, Retreat, Barn House (of course), Bella Shabby, Maison Douce, Bird Tweets, Little Byrd, Vintage Sparrow . . . well, you know the list goes on and on!! This must be the hardest-working group of people on the planet, and their talent is beyond inspirational!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Two really great events coming up, back-to-back . . . first, the enormous PORTLAND EXPO on July 10-12. This is a new location in Hall E (well lit & AIR CONDITIONED!). Please come find me on row E 24 & 25. Treasure beyond measure will be your pleasure--I guarantee it!!!

It will take no convincing for devotees to come to the continually exciting BARN HOUSE Flea Market on Saturday, July 18. This is gonna be a barn-burner of a sale . . . speaking of which, please find me on the left side of the barn! I've got some amazing rusties, farm chic, and elegant Frenchie show-stoppers!!!!

With all the intricate packing needed for two shows and the necessity of planning far ahead of time, I neglected photos. What a scatterbrain!!! So, really, this is just a thumbnail of what's in store!!

I've been hoarding some fantastic garden/shabby/industrial items you won't want to miss!!

Garden furniture, mid-century AWESOME umbrella, great props for your summer parties . . .

My "biggie" is an antique French, white-painted cupboard--clean, classic lines for modern living--all the magazines show this kind of killer focal point in a room. Not fussy . . . just ideal!!

French gathering baskets, old scales, chandeliers, silver trays . . . well, I CAN'T keep everything!

"No bull" (well, actually there WILL be one!) . . . this is gonna be an experience that will make your heart sing--and we all need a bit of that now, don't we?! My amazingly talented dealer buddies are working to bring you the divine as well, so PLEASE DON'T MISS THESE FABULOUS SHOWS!!!