Saturday, December 31, 2011

annual ritual of renewal: 2012 . . . ready or not!!!!

"Pensive" . . . pretty much sums it up for me at the end of

2011, which was a year of trials for many 

friends, family & acquaintances.

I'm certainly not alone in this experience.  There is plenty of

evidence from your blogs, Facebook, etc., that 

this has been the norm rather than

the exception.  Wish I had

a crystal ball . . . .

But, really, how do you prepare for the future? moment.  

Live NOW, fully!

I find this very hard to do--even with conscious

practice.  My thoughts veer off into 

next week, next month, etc.

Spiny critters these

thoughts are!

I wish to take nothing for granted.  I'm grateful for each

and every one of you who has blessed my life

in 2011 . . . .  My life has been fulfilled

by your kind comments, support

of my business and sharing!!

It's just not possible to sum up all the precious, happy moments

we've all shared in 2011 . . . but, be assured, I reflect

on them all with great joy and hope that we'll

be together again in 2012!!!!!!!

As 2012 knocks on my door . . . I'm answering with great hope and

optimism . . . and I hope you do too!  HAPPY NEW YEAR

to all of our friends and family near and far!!!  May

blessings keep you safe and happy, and 

may strength and hope be your

friends in times of need.

We're all truly the

same.  Let us

be kind!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas update . . . Pacific Galleries

What resonates in your heart for Christmas?  For me, it's always

been anything ANGEL!  When joining the "Blue Birds"

(pre-"Campfire Girl") as a child, I was elated when

the troop selected my idea of "Angels" as our

troop name . . . Blue Bird Angels!

I've also always had a thing for anything "candle" . . . and

frequently drew candles on my home-made

Christmas cards to family & friends.

These tiny village houses and little gnomes filled my

heart with wonder . . . I loved staring at

the tree for hours--still do!!!

The all-out elegance of the season is reflected (quite literally)

in the mirrored-mosaics on this hand-carved

deer . . . GIANT champagne bottle

needs no explanation,

right?  Of course

it's empty!

The silver horn is a Boy Scouts Bugle.  The antler, meat-carving

set on the left has sterling cuffs; the carved-bone set on the

right is made to look like elk-hooves!!!!!!!

The heavy, standing crucifix is so

unique . . . enamelware

over cast iron!

There are hanging metal baskets for your porch greenery,

as well as wicker baskets that work very 

well for small, live trees--or

 fill with pinecones for

the fireplace.

Le Poulet is only one of several gorgeous

taxidermy birds in my booth.

Perfect *winter* decor

for months to


Imagine snuggling by the fire in this gorgeous,

antique wing chair--I love the

exaggerated lines!!

A gift for that someone who has absolutely EVERYTHING?

How about this vintage "Ride RUDY" mercantile

amusement ride????  Please come visit my

booth--Madison Park 14--at Pacific

Galleries in Seattle.  I'll keep

adding  even  MORE

holiday decor . . . 


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

~ ~ ~ Christmas at 2nd Saturdayz in Seattle ~ ~ ~

The final . . . and BEST . . . 2nd Saturdayz Urban Market of 2011

will be absolutely, gorgeously WONDROUS!!!

Ormolulu will have two booths, filled to

the brim with Christmas-y delights!

We'll have it all . . . vintage tinsel trees, chunky

glass containers for your ornaments, 

mercury glass, dolls and doll

furniture . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . galvanized bins, crushed velvet and

crocheted spreads (PERFECT for  tree

skirts!!!), cherubs, angels, santas,

ornaments, jewelry .  . . . .

. . . . . . . old toys, reindeer, Mary & Joseph

and JESUS (stunning vintage religious

relics!), white wings . . . . . .

. . . . . . French taxidermy, chandeliers (always!),

stools, antique red wagon, bells . . . . 

So, be an ANGEL . . . please come out and support

 hard-working, passionate, independent 

businesses such as this!

We live to please you . . . and we live BY pleasing you!!!!!

*  *  *  *

Well--are you coming????
Please, say . . .

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pre-Holiday at Pacific Galleries

Yes, the holidays are fast approaching . . . but we're holding out

just a *bit* longer with autumnal influences

in our booth at Pacific Galleries

in Seattle, WA!!!

Taxidermy birds--including a Tibetan pheasant, two chickens,

a European chukar, and a stunning set of ring-neck 

fighting pheasants--are fabulous for 

fall-into-winter decorating!

We created the unique, industrial pendant light above--a modern

crystal chandelier inside creates a stunning juxtaposition

of rustic/industrial and elegance!!!

How many times have you seen a SIX FOOT TALL

French drying rack?!  This would make an

incredible *Christmas tree* or shop

display piece, no??!!!!!

* * *

Christmas holiday goodies, including lots of

silver trays for your holiday 

entertaining, will

arrive soon!

* * * 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2nd Saturdayz Urban Market . . . this Saturday, November 12th

Please join us for a very special 2nd Saturdayz Urban Market.   

While we've already mentioned this . . . it certainly bears

repeating . . . featured guests, Linda & Ludmil

Marcov from Willow Nest Farm,

will be among us!!!!!

I'm bringing the wheelbarrow . . . you're gonna

want to fill er' up!  The holidays are

fast approaching, and

we're ready!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Willow Nest Farm coming to 2nd Saturdayz!!!!!!!

We are all-a-flutter (or would that be a *glitter*!!):   Willow Nest

is coming to 2nd Saturdayz Market on November 12th in

Seattle, Washington, at Magnusen Park.    

* * *

Linda and Ludmil Marcov have been a major source

of inspiration to us and many others in

the vintage industry.  They're 

coming all the way from

Burton, Texas!!!

* * *


It's gonna be beyond, beyond, beyond!!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ormolulu at Island Retreat Antiques & Vintage Market in Anacortes

Here are a few photos from the Island Retreat Market in Anacortes

this past Saturday . . . it's been a busy month, so we

hope you enjoy the photographs we took!

Best wishes for a HAPPY HALLOWEEN

. . . last photo from the top of

our fridge to you!!!!

2nd Saturdayz Urban Market is our next stop . . . 

join us in Seattle, Washington,

on November 12th!

* * *

We're gonna glitz it up for the HOLIDAYS!!!!!