Sunday, June 26, 2011

Retreat Vintage Market photos

In case you didn't make it to the Retreat Vintage Market on 

 Camano yesterday . . . I snapped a few photos of our

booth in the weeee hours of the morn,

just prior to the sun popping

out and gracing our

entire day!

Seems like I always end up putting the final touches on our

displays and can't make it around to capture the

other FANTASTIC booths that were

so impressive & tempting!

But I'm certain there will be plenty of beautiful images that

will be shared by Retreat, Barn House, Auntie

Joy, Seabold Vintage Market, Sisters

Antiques, Garden Party and

others . . . . . ! 

There was a steady stream of customers coming to

the market ALL DAY LONG . . . WOW!!

And this is just the beginning. . . can't wait to see what Deb

and Bob will create for the next Retreat vintage event!

You KNOW it's gonna be even better!!!!

Our sincerest thanks to all the charming happy customers, the 

talented vendors who turned the pasture into "magic", 

and to Deb & Bob and their kind family . . . who

worked night and day to make this show a

fantastic success!   We were so glad

to be part of your *new baby*!! 

Speaking of *baby* . . . we're pleased as punch to have Tracie

Fish (Fishtail Cottage) give our baby a 

wonderful new home!!!!!!

xoxo ~ Debi


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Repurposed . . . just for Retreat!!!

As promised, here's a post on our favorite reclamation project . . .

rustic, garden potting table.  And I just LOVE it!!!

So . . . THIS (ugly, old kitchen cabinet) . . . .

. . . plus THIS (vintage awning too big for anything useful) . . . 

. . . equals THIS!!!!!!

Now, how are we gonna get this to Camano Island tomorrow????

Please come see our new *baby* this Saturday at the

new and awesome Retreat Vintage Market!!!!

This exciting event includes over 20 

best-of-the-best vintage and 

DIY vendors around!!

Start summer 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrate Summer's Arrival at Retreat Vintage Market

We are packed up and ready to roll . . . here's a 

sneek peek at a few things before

they got loaded into the

trailer and vans.

Looks like it's gonna be a separate trip

for the potting table . . . it ended

up a *bit* bigger than we


I'll try to create a "before" and "after" post on our

truly one-of-a-kind garden potting table,

once all the finishing touches are 

done . . . it's so cute I want 

to KEEP it . . . darn!!

* See ya soon *


Monday, June 20, 2011

Ruffles & Rust Square - Update/Booth "Fluff"

One of the biggest challenges of committing to shows, along with 

renting mall spaces, is keeping everything "fresh and new"

no matter the schedule  . . .  and ours has

been extremely HECTIC!!

We devoted most of the day to an update of our beautiful

space at Ruffles & Rust Square.  Not only is there

fabulous new merchandise, but we also moved

a lot of schtuff around--just to see if you're

looking!!  It seems our eyes get "tired"

of seeing items in the same place

and--after awhile--we just

can't see things right

in front of us!

It's definitely worth another look, as we also MARKED DOWN

a number of furniture items--some quite significantly!!

New items include two absolutely GORGEOUS chandeliers,

seashells, a gray-weathered wood slats table, 

various smalls (the coolest BBQ 

skewers ever!!!) and a 


Monopoly Game "top hat"!

There's an oversized "instructional music sheets" stand-up

teaching aid, a vintage "bamboo-style" fishing 

rod for your cabin or cabin-style home,

and several very nice pieces

of very soft GRAY 


 Hope you like the new look to our booth!!

* * *

Now, on to packing for Retreat Vintage Market

on Camano Island this SATURDAY.

It's gonna be STUNNING!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Dad . . . who I miss beyond words!!!

This was my Dad . . . legally my "step-father" . . . when he graduated

from high school in the 1930's at Walla Walla High School

(yep, Walla Walla, Washington).  I choose this photo

because it's also graduation season for many

high school students right now (yo

Eric Von Eggers in 


I also choose this photo because it shows what a promising

young man he was--with dreams, like all of us!

I lost my wonderful Dad when he was

only 54 years young (I'm almost

57 now) of a rare form of

cancer.  I still can't

believe he is


There is a BEAUTIFUL story of how he fell in love with my Mom.

He worked at the Walla Walla Union Bulletin as a printer.

Each day, he'd go to a local cafe--just across the

alley from the newspaper--to have lunch.

LaNell (my Mom), was a waitress who

he quickly fell head-over-heels

in love with.  They were

married THREE



Mom had four of children (but my brother John was forced by the court

to stay with our paternal father--long story), but Robert J.

took the three of us on as his own when he married

the beautiful Rosa LaNell.  Good thing he

had no idea what he was in for!!

I honestly never recall 

thinking he was

ever  *NOT*

my "real"


On this eve of Father's Day, I celebrate my legal "step-father", but

truly my only REAL father:  Robert J. Pudwill (tough

name to grow up with . . . "Puddy" to most of my

friends . . . and, if you call me that, 

prepare to die! ;o)

Dad gave me a belief in my intellect.  He gave me a sense

of true confidence I doubt I would have had without

him.  He gave me a role model for a mate

who would be a gentleman.  He 

gave me a real understanding

of what it would be like

to take on someone

else's child(ren).

I had NO IDEA at the time of the sacrifices he made for

all of us . . . and the total love and devotion he

had for my mother astonishes me to this

day!  I've never seen such a close

relationship since he and

my Mom were 



This is my loving tribute to my Father . . . Happy Father's, Dad!!!

"Rotsy-totsy-ra-ta-ta . . . boom-boom, boom-boom

boom-boom, BOOM!!!  


your daughter, Deborah Kaye   

a.k.a. "Chubby", "Effy", "Best-Kept-Secret-in-the-Neighborhood"

. . . wish you could see me now!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Next Stop: Retreat Vintage Market on Camano Island!

Just a *little* sneeky peeky of what's to come for the 

Retreat Vintage Market on Camano Island!

Trying not to panic  .  .  .   with so little turn-around time

after the uber-busy Farm Chicks Show!!    We're 

frantically  working  on a repurposed garden 

potting table  . . .  among other awesome

vintage treats for your Camano Island

junking trip!!  We strive to make

EVERY show a totally new 

experience each time.  

* * * *

It's gonna be great!!!

stay tuned . . . !

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Farm Chicks - Ormolulu booth

Hope you enjoyed the show--it was truly an AMAZING event!!!

Thank you Serena, your wonderful helpers, including 

the security staff . . . always helpful!!

* * * *

The Farm Chicks - people first!

What a whirlwind!!!!  I never ventured out of my booth for two days. 

 Missed all the GREAT displays, so hope they get posted

on blogs and Facebook.  I'm doing two posts for

you . . . this one being the delightful 

people at Serena's dinner--the

only time to just talk & 

  enjoy the moment


(photos only . . . rushing to get this out

and then travel for a few days 

 to visit friends in


I apologize for not having the time to put the names in . . . if you're

not here, it's cuz the photo will be used for blackmail

purposes at a later date (i.e. bad photo!!). 

He-he-he!!!!   Love to ALL of

you!!!!! xoxoxoxo