Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween "candy" . . . early Sand Point Show preview

Here's a bit of *eye candy* to inspire your Halloween!

With four big shows coming up in October,

I'm starting early to get it all done.

(Am I nuts or what?!!)

Enjoy my treats

... no tricks!

I LOVE autumn . . . oh, my favorite season.

Please come celebrate it with me at the Sand Point Antique and

Design Market on Sunday, October 10th!!

xoxo ~ Debi

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bellingham State of Mind . . . too funny!

Laid up with my puffy, painful, damaged ankle . . . it's time

for a little break (ouch, pun intended!). A total takeoff

on "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys,

for all those of you who are familiar with our

"City of Subdued Excitement"

**Bellingham** this is a

riot!! Louise, if

you're reading

this . . .

your daughter will be in good hands up here!!

* * * *

A big wish for success to Liz at her Seabold Vintage Market

and Deb & Bob & friends at Petite Retreat

. . . where I wish I was there right now!

xoxo ~ Debi

Sunday, September 12, 2010

. . . 2nd Saturdayz . . . 1st rate!!!!

Yep, my 1st *2nd* (Saturdayz) was totally 1st rate!!!

Coffee & donuts in the morning . . . .

Sandwiches in the afternoon!

Great music and even

better people!!

I just love the diversity of vendors and vintage

merchandise. The atmosphere was

open, friendly and FUN!!!


I had the terrible misfortune of taking a nose-dive to the

concrete during setup day, stepping through an

antique print on my way down. Big,

angry, swollen blood vessel in my

injured ankle--not at all


. . . there are better ways to get attention, but it was nice

to be treated with such concern and

helpfulness. I'm soooo very

grateful there were no

broken bones!!

Okay, you won't hear any more about that!

Remember to contact me if you see anything in my photos

that you're interested in!! I haven't yet had a show

where I sold-out of everything "in stock."

(But, then, you *know* how much

stuff I bring, right?!)

THE BEST and freshest Tuscan Silver Neck garlic braids

were a hit among the cooks . . . and I've got more!!

Sooooo . . . here's what you may have missed in other

booths at 2nd Saturdayz. Above photo captures

only part of team Linda, Janet and Debi

at the front entrance . . . WOWZA!!!

John/Bob Cool Stuff's gorgeous autumn theme . . . of course!!!

John/Bob Cool Stuff's lockers and back-to-school theme.

My friends, Brenda & John of Circle Creek Home, put together

a fabulous booth in record time . . . check out that

way-cool "P A R K " sign!!!

Julia's booth was stunning, decked out with the most

gorgeous vintage clothing!!!

Virginia's display was eaten up like dessert!!

Sheryl's booth had an amazing array of vintage treasures

(some of which I plucked for myself)!!

Andrea's booth of The Curious Nest had fine, tiny treasures

you needed to linger, and linger, and linger over!!

Elizabeth of Fussbucket's World and her friend, Kathryn who

manages Common Folk in Bellevue had stunning,

hand-made jewelry, creations & vintage.

(Sweet, kind neighbors, too!)

This is a snap of Billie & Pat's booth from Thorp. Lots of

great garden, vintage, farm-chic goodies at great

prices . . . can't wait to go see them soon!!

Just a touch of Jill, my friend from Pacific Galleries--and

friendly neighbor extraordinaire!!

The always-elegant Dawn of Great Findz. I think we're gonna be

seeing a lot more of this talent in the media after she knocks

out the customers of Remnants of the Past Show

in California this October!!!

Patty Thompson, another friend from Pacific Galleries had a

swoon-worthy, cultivated style--look at that

French campaign bed!!!!

This is Nia of Summerland Style, whose reupholstery talents

include a new set of classes she's conducting in

Bellingham, Washington (where we

live, too). She's a real


I didn't catch this gal's name, but tons of great furniture

at "take it home with you" prices!!!

Okay . . . briefly back to Ormolulu and a simple saga. You remember

the previous post on "craft project for two-left-thumbs-me"?

Ah, so relieved to have it done . . . set it aside very

carefully so it wouldn't get lost and, YEP, I

lost it in all the schlepping! At the

end of the show, I found the

culprit: book-cover-eating PUMPKIN!!!

(Just look at that Cheshire-Cat grin!)

* * * *

Thanks, Bob, for letting me share in the swap even though

I had not yet found my contribution . . . but, in

the end, all was well -- except for the

froggie that jumped off

the deep end!!!


Please join me at my next show: Sand Point Antique & Design Market,

Sunday, October 10 . . . ahhhh I have a chance to rest up my ankle!

xoxo ~ Debi

Thursday, September 9, 2010

. . . homework (to me!!) . . .

Painful . . . first-ever (since grade school) "craft" project for

"type A" Ormolulu. Book-cover swap meet at

2nd Saturdayz Market . . . do I have to?!

Fete-accompli . . . I think. Glue-gun strings in my mouth.

How do you talented people DO this????!!!!!

Why is this FUN?????

* * * *

Hey, it turned out kinda nice . . . book cover from 1890 Textbook Series,

burlap edge, old brass stencil 2 (in honor of *2nd* Saturdayz!)

filled in black on the book cover, little froggie crawling across the

pages (end of summer splendor), and an unusual wooden "2" domino

(more for sale this Saturday!) below the stencil. Black & white

antique push-pins tied up in sissal bow. The end.

* * * *

Gotta go floss the glue strings out of my teeth. Crafting 101 for me . . . .

This post is dedicated to all you hard-core artisan crafters out there.

I am completely humbled. Now I'm going to get that root canal--not

afraid of that anymore (maybe easier for two-left thumbs-me!!).

xoxo Debi

. . . . . . . . my *first* 2nd . . . . . . . .

This will be my very *first* 2nd Saturdayz

Vintage Market in Hangar 30 of Magnuson Park

on Sand Point Way in Seattle!!!

* * * *

No time for photos, other than my new mascot above.

Doing a show nearly every week leaves little

time for decent photo-ops between the unpacking

and repacking of boxes. But--I can assure you--there will

be new treasures to discover. Along with the seasonal

themes of school, fair, and harvest . . . there will

be Halloween, Russian penicillin (or, if you prefer,

vampire repellant!), vintage doll house, sweetest

crystal chandelier, chippy-white garden crib, antique

books (school, science, dictionaries), ETC.!!!!

* * * *

Remember, it's only 8:00 am to 3:00 pm this Saturday!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Greenbank Farm . . . what a fabulous weekend!

The outcome of a "good" show is dependent on so many subjective factors.

Since this is my blog, I get to be subjective . . . he-he-he!!!

Little Heather (above) was having a wonderful

time, as were so many customers.

I think that is "good."

The show promoter, Paula Williams, has exquisite taste and

equally lovely displays . . . I think that is "good."

Gaye Rolstad, known for her remarkable, professional design

capabilities and exquisite antiques that reflect her true

nature as an avid and sophisticated collector (and

who is beautiful inside & out) had a very

stunning booth. Yep, "good" again.

Nina McFall . . . one of the most sought-after dealers (including by me!)

at any show she's in . . . had a fantastic nautical theme this

time. And, on Whidbey Island (or anywhere,

really), I think that is "good".

Sheila and her Mom of Ravenskeep always have true

antique treasures that have marked time

so elegantly--as well as their own

*hand-made* textiles!

Yes, oh so "good".

Above photo of Nina, George, Gaye & Sheila who are

treasures beyond measure as beloved friends!

Okay, waaay better than "good" right?!

The exotic touch of Jenee "B", and her unique eye for the

decorative arts is always a crowd pleaser.

We're still way into "good" here.

Jim & Judy's booth is the one people always LOVE to dig

through . . . you never know what you'll find! (Well,

there will always be buttons!) Oh, happy "good."

Kate of Ageing Fancies in Seattle is always a crowd pleaser . . .

. . . and her sense of elegance and beauty is a joy to behold.

Her booth was always full of happy customers.

Continue spreading the "good" . . . .

Julie & Julia have the most perfect, amazing antiques.

Carefully curated, impeccable sense of detail

in what they select. Yes, "good" indeed.

Do I get to say "good" on my own booth?

Okay, I claim "blogger's rights" again . . . goodie!

Continuing on with the discussion of what makes a "good" show,

there is comeraderie and FUN with each other--no

lack of that here!! Jenee, Kaye, Randi, Megan,

Kate, Paula (thank you Paula for

hosting us!!) and I enjoyed a

FANTASTIC breakfast

together at:

I briefly saw my friend, Ann Flynn . . . who just opened up

the most beautiful Wholesale Decorator Fabrics

Shop in Freeland, right next door to . . .

. . . Polly who also opened Foxglove Antiques!

Freeland is packed with great places to find antiques and vintage

treasures, including Mutiny Bay Antiques

owned by Randi & Rolf Astrom . . .

. . . and the charming Red Rooster Antique Mall (where

Kaye of our "breakfast club" works!).

Sooooo, when you combine all the heart-pleasing attributes

of fun, friendship, beauty, laughter, happy customers,

and PERFECT weather (a lucky perk, I know),

not is it just "good", it's freak'in GREAT!!!

Thank you again, Paula--and your helpful, cheerful family--never,

ever have we experienced so such much help at

a show . . . you are the kindest people,

and the show was a blast!!

My sincerest, warmest thanks also extend to Gaye & George Rolstad,

whose comfortable and elegant hospitality were

the frosting on the cake!

. . . who needs dessert after that?!!!

xoxo Debi

* * * *

Here's a brief video clip from Jim's cell phone of just a tidbit of the

bucolic grounds at Greenbank Farm . . . what a venue!!