Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poppyseeds Flea Market - May Day!!

No time to unpack & repack from MoonRose Garden Market . . . bringing

the whole enchilada plus some *new* merchandise!

One of my passions is a collection of unique hangers with

advertising . . . you won't believe the quality of these common,

everyday items from long ago, especially compared

to all the plastic-unfantastic stuff on the market today!!!

Lindsey Simmons, the owner of Penny Lane in Bellingham (who

recently had her first--and so adorable--baby, "Wyatt Edward")

makes these heartfelt and beautiful cards . . . also,

there will be a few antique postcards as well.

An antique, wire garden gate will be on the scene too.

Antique swim locker doors-turned-planters . . . just three left!

Hope to see you this Saturday morning at 10:00 AM

at Poppyseeds in Stanwood . . . weather looks like a go--hooray!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lilac Lemonade . . . .

The King & Queen of Lilac . . . Jim & Marilyn.


The beauty of a less-than-anticipated turnout for our

first (but NOT last) vintage market in Laura's garden at MoonRose

was adequate time to really enjoy the people, the sunshine

(on Sunday--certainly not Saturday!), the serenity of

the gardens and an opportunity to just breathe (something I

don't do enough of, that's for sure!).

Hope I haven't disappointed fellow foodies that

there is no real "recipe" for Lilac Lemonade here . . .

. . . just the recipe-of-life kind, if you know what I mean!

Debi & Michael of Garden Party dropped by on this gorgeous day,

and we had a meaningful discussion of the not-so-fun things that

sometimes occur . . . circumstances which are meant to offer us wisdom.

Michael's frequent business travels to China have certainly

moved him to appreciate just how good we've

really got it here in America--even with the economic stress!

The standard of living in China for those at the head of the pack,

shall we say, is significantly different than ours. Yet, they

seem to be such happy, warm and loving people.

The value placed on people and relationships is shown differently . . . more

comfort with physical contact, more willingness to interact with

others rather than hold oneself at a distance.

(I need to take that to heart . . . stop and smell the lilacs!!!)

THANK YOU Laura . . . this was a delightful chance to reconnect our

friendship--so glad it's still there after all this time!!

You are truly one lovely, mega-talented woman who deserves

the greatest happiness and success in life.

* * * *

Stay tuned for information regarding future markets at MoonRose.

It was a happy day . . . hope Kandi, Rocky, Donna, and John had

a good dose of that beautiful Sunday sunshine too!!

xo Debi

Friday, April 23, 2010

MoonRose Temptations . . . Part Four!!!

I can't stop taking pictures of Laura's garden at MoonRose.

Just in case temptation hasn't been quite

adequate for you to brave the spring showers tomorrow,

here are a few more peeks . . . but the good stuff is something YOU

have to come here and find in the gardens and shop (that's

one GIANT iron chandelier in the birdbath)!!!

I'll be under the beige canopy on the RIGHT side of the house . . .

please visit each vendor and follow the gravel path all the way around

the dreamy, white Victorian shop--there are no words

for how beautiful all of this is!!!

Jo's massage studio in the background . . . .

The shed in back is loaded with primitives and garden!!

Remember, this event is ONE DAY ONLY . . . please join us

Saturday at MoonRose on Second Street (turn right off Morris)

from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Bring an umbrella!

xo Debi


AccuWeather says La Conner will have showers

in the early morning and evening.

Guess we might get wet setting up and taking down , but the

skies will be dry for YOU, dear customers!!

(We won't melt, right?! )

Can't wait to see you--sorry no preview pics (packing, packing, packing),

but you won't be disappointed!!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shop Beautiful La Conner this Saturday!

** VINTAGE GARDEN MARKET ** this Saturday from 10:00 to 5:00

at MoonRose in romantic La Conner.

*Don't come* if you dislike French wire, industrial metal,

bird cages, willow children's chairs, zinc or galvanized

garden items, vintage globes, statuary, wrought iron,

rusty-crusty metal, ironstone, architectural salvage, old gates,

antique floats, enamelware, patio furniture, etc. !!!

Also, if beautiful illumination makes you feel "light-headed,"

it may be splendidly hazardous to visit

Mary Davis Vintage Lighting . . . check with your doctor if the

symptoms last longer than 24 hours!

Once through the doors of Egg & Dart,

you may find a pleasant addiction pulsing through

your body . . . the only thing to do

is relax and allow

the dreamy fantasia to play its course.

This beautifully curated shop will

provide great inspiration for your home's interior (as

well as a few not-so-guilty pleasures you can take home to enjoy)!

This is just a small sample of the truly one-of-a-kind

shopping experience awaiting you

in La Conner . . . come spoil yourself in tulip country!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MoonRose Vintage Garden Market - LaConner

* * * FABULOUS vintage garden market * * *

Scheduled for this Saturday, April 24, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

at MOONROSE, 114 N. Second Street (just one

block off Morris Street) in LaConner, WA.

Since this is an outdoor market, RAIN CANCELS!!!

Spread amongst the stunning gardens of MoonRose created by

Laura Campbell, gardener extraordinare and antiques

proprietress of the most charming and

and beautiful shop in LaConner!!

Enjoy these gorgeous photos before the grounds are gilded with the

very best vintage home and garden treasures that will be

popping up along with the tulips and hyacinths!!!

I will be there (with "drool-worthy" home & garden gems) . . . along

with Paula Williams of Whidbey Island,

Dona Morrison of Mt. Vernon, and Rocky and Kandi Rae Graber.

(Rocky will add the decidedly masculine touch with his outboard motors!)

Jo will be there with an outdoor massage area (she also

offers full massage on-site in a darling outbuilding on the property).

This intimate setting provides a relaxed and charming "mini-market" to

stroll through on a beautiful Saturday . . . bring a friend, and

be prepared to have your soul drenched in happiness!!

There are many other tempting attractions in LaConner to occupy your day.

Be sure to stop at Egg & Dart, Bunnies by the Bay, and

Mary Davis Vintage Lighting . . . while I can't name all

the stores, you're in for some legendary shopping!!

Set aside your "to do list" for Saturday . . . take the

beautiful path less traveled and head to LaConner--you won't regret it!!

Laura will be waiting inside MoonRose to share the magic

of her stunning antiques shop!

You can see why she is highly sought after for her expertise in

romantic decor for weddings and special occasions. (Sorry,

those gorgeous chairs are sold--darn it!)

I could just move right into this room--how about you?!

This lovely swan-with-cherub is one example of the

many beautiful props Laura keeps for weddings. (I've

tried to buy it from her many times, but she is hanging on--can

you blame her?!!)

Please check back for the weather report . . . and if rain does

cancel the garden market, we will have it another

time soon--but go see Laura at MoonRose in either case.

You will leave infatuated . . . .

xo Debi

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary ANNIE'S in Snohomish!

Happy fifth anniversary to Annie's in Snoho--my, how time has blasted by!

What a tasty and totally fun celebration today!!

As always, the shop was a-bloom with thoughtfully displayed,

and gorgeous temptations (all at 20% off)!!

The industrial-focused window display was a real eye-catcher!

Annie & Mary were joined in the celebration by several

other friends too . . . recognize these sporty glitter shoes?!

Yep, Madam Junktacular herself, Timi (don't even have to say her

last name and you KNOW who I'm talk'in about), was on hand

to promote the much-anticipated Junk Junket to the Farm Chicks

coming in June. (Move over Oprah!)

Patricia Mackey of Tippy Stockton also joined the soiree, showing

off her newest and STUNNING bejeweled creations!!

This is Kris Watkins of Cafe Couture . . . take a look at these hand-crafted

creations for the home and table. (And doesn't she look

fabulous sitting with her display?!)

Check out these charming napkins rings . . . .

We didn't go hungry with all that calorie-burning shopping--and the food

was simply divine! But that wasn't all . . .

Along with drawings for door prizes and French soap for each customer,

there were separate drawings for a gorgeous tile

(some of the selections above)

as well as another one for a BBQ (hoping that one has my name on it!).

Wow, is that generous or what????!!!!!!

(Photo of the BBQ is being shy and won't upload--sorry!)

It seemed like several hours before I finally tore myself away from

the festivities . . . fine people, fine food, and treasures

for every appetite.

Wishing Annie's of Snohomish MANY more years of success!!!

xoxo Debi

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mt. Vernon/Skagit Fairgrounds Preview

A few teasers of tomorrow's treasures in Building B of

the Skagit County Fairgrounds in

Mt. Vernon, WA.

Weather will be the BEST we've had all week, so make it a long day

in beautiful Skagit Valley. Take in the busting-loose tulip

fields while you're here!!

I'm wheeling and dealing . . . getting ready for new merchandise

arriving every day!

If you can't make it to Mt. Vernon and see anything here that tugs

at your heart, please email me for information.

Have a gorgeous weekend!!