Monday, October 19, 2009

Poignant but hysterical . . .

My recent comments regarding theft caught the attention of Patty Green, the charming owner of Sisters Antiques in Issaquah (ya gotta go there!). Anyone who's been in this business for any length of time knows what we're talking about. Patty had a unique way of handling a particular incident. We laugh so we don't cry--check this out!!

August 1, 2006:

"Perhaps you are not aware that I grew up on Dragnet, One-Adam Twelve, and Chips! And to further impress you, I took a test prior to entering college which was designed to inform me what my ideal profession was. Results were overwhelming: I was to be a cop! Unfortunately, at that time registration for training was only available once a year and I had missed the deadline. But I’ve always known I was a cop-at-heart…

After leaving the shop today around 5:30 for an appointment, I returned a little after 7:00 p.m. Prior to leaving, I had put nearly everything inside that I normally take in before I leave for the evening. Knowing I was going to come back and finish my chores, I did leave out a couple of pieces of patio furniture.

Upon my return, I drove through the rear entrance to the parking lot to find three cars parked in front of the shop. This is not unusual because of the amount of people eating dinner at Lombardi’s. However, cars are usually parked in all the spaces in front of the adjoining shops, spilling over in front of my shop and Leathers.

I noticed that there was a newer model Blazer parked directly in front of the shop, backed in, with the tail gate open. As I pulled closer, the Blazer pulled forward and proceeded north, away from the shop, toward Gilman Blvd. I realized that in the rear of the Blazer was a wrought iron glider I had just purchased. I immediately was in hot pursuit of the vehicle… Okay, I just followed it. But “pursued” sounds so much better.

The Blazer pulled into the parking area on the west side of Schuck’s Auto Parks and parked between two cars, heading south. I pulled behind the Blazer, and then decided to pull around to the front, making it more difficult for the Blazer to leave.

Although the vigilante side of me wanted to come to a screeching halt in front of the Blazer, I opted to not directly block the car in case the driver attempted to escape. I shuddered at the thought that my precious truck might be rammed!

I bolted from my car, cell phone in hand, shouting… “You stole my glider!!! You stole my glider!!!” The thief (okay, the alleged perpetrator…) disembarked from his vehicle with his face scrunched up, stating, “I didn’t steal anything!” His lame excuse was that… “uh… I went to the store… and… uh… talked to somebody about this…” Immediately, I shouted that I was in the store the entire day and he had not come into the shop! He regrouped and stated that a friend… uh… had asked about the glider… Again, I sharply announced that NO ONE had asked about the glider.

I called 911 while standing in front of the Blazer. As soon as my call was answered, I shouted out the license plate number. I was asked what I was reporting, and once I mentioned that I had apprehended the thief, was assured a squad car had been sent. I was asked if I was facing the bad guy (okay, alleged perpetrator…). I said, “YES!” And I was then asked to step away from the --- ‘bad guy’. The operator said she would stay on the line with me until the squad car arrived. She asked my date of birth and a few other questions. She asked me the age of the ‘bad guy’ and I responded, “40-ish”. He contorted his face as if I had insulted him and kept saying that he wasn’t going anywhere. Damn right he wasn’t!

AHA! The squad car arrived. The first squad car, that is! A female police officer came over and asked me what had happened. She also pointed her finger at the ‘bad guy’ and commanded him to stay put. She heard my side, and then asked me to stay by her car so she could talk to the ‘bad guy’.

Within minutes, three more squad cars pulled in. God, I love Issaquah.

Another police officer got out of his car and asked me if “I was with him” gesturing toward the ‘bad guy’. I responded no, that he was the bad guy and I was the good guy.

At some point, the thief (oops… purported thief…) was frisked and handcuffed. And he would not make eye contact with me. I so wanted to mouth the words, “You’re going to hell, ----er…” but I never caught his eye.

After being questioned by several officers, the ‘bad guy’ was whisked off to jail. I asked what the process was and was told that he would be in jail for the night and would be charged with 3rd degree theft (huh?). Bail would be set, and if he could post it, he could leave in the morning. A court date will be set and the rest will be history. I asked about my appearance in court, and I guess it’s just a wait-and-see.

While he did steal my glider, I did get it back. I can pursue the matter further (like many retailers do, according to the officer). I’ll find out what that entails and start a new novel! I’m determined to make sure this guy pays dearly for what he did. After all, we’re talking about 7:00 p.m. in the evening! Right next door to Leathers – and they are still open!

And now I’m watching “ COPS” on television, wondering if my story is good enough to air…"

Patty, you made my day . . . thanks for the good laugh!!!

xo Debi

Sunday, October 18, 2009


CELEBRATE . . . indeed!! The 20th annual Fall Lynden Craft & Antique Show was my biggest success ever. I am so very grateful for signs of economic recovery. The turnout was very good and reinforced my decision to continue following my passion. The black & white English porcelain enamel "Ales" sign (shown above) was selected by the San Diego Aerospace Museum Foundation to grace an airplane hangar--wish I could see that!!

Many customers were simply looking for a pleasant way to spend the day, and they were certainly rewarded for that! There was eye candy, real candy, buffalo for the carnivores, apple and nut products for the vegans, the most amazing crafts and plants, soaps and potions, holiday gift items, beautiful and charming music spanning generations, a wonderful cafe with coffee bar, soups, salads, desserts, a consignment shop's fashion show . . and--my favorite, of course--ANTIQUES & VINTAGE treasures to explore!

To think that Judy & Trudy have been producing this show for 20 years is a testament to its popularity. It's charming, old-fashioned, and easy-going! Friends gather to meet friends every six months for these shows . . . and I always look forward to greeting them with a new experience to savor!!

In a world full of chaos and change, it's reassuring to look forward to an event that is grounded in family values and good, kind people. I'm sorry not to have more photos available, but it was so busy there was no time for me to run around (and when I could, I just wanted to sit down for awhile!!!).

Only two days to get ready for the upcoming Palmer-Wirfs Portland Expo.

Find me in Hall E . . . Section C, booths 24 & 25!!

Thanks for checking in with ORMOLULU. Hope to see you soon!!!

xo Debi

Monday, October 12, 2009


No time in between Sand Point Antique & Design Market and the Fall 2009 Lynden Craft & Antique Show to take photos . . . gotta repack FAST!

Here's some eye-candy from previous Lynden shows--hope you enjoy! BTW, the latest song on Ormolulu is "Sally's Song" by Fiona Apple . . . it's a remake from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas (which I thought was totally weird, until I watched it--sheer genius!).

Please come join the festivities: October 15, 16 & 17 . . . Thursday, Friday (10 - 8) and Saturday (10 - 5). There will be food, music, and a fashion show sponsored by a local consignment shop!!

This is one of my FAVORITE shows to do . . . Judy & Trudy (and Trudy's mom!) spoil us with a much-appreciated buffet lunch on move-in day, as well as coffee/tea and toast with peanut butter & jam so we can keep up our energy during the long hours we are open, waiting to see you--please join us for a heart-warming experience!!

Do you enjoy handcrafts, antiques and original art?

Mark your calendars, call a friend and attend the

Fall Craft and Antique Show

October 15th,16th, and 17th

at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds in Lynden.

Over 100 vendors will fill the Exposition Building with unique treasures. Meet the artists and be inspired by all the creativity and original handwork. This is holiday gift shopping at its best, while supporting local talent. Listen to live music throughout the weekend in our Cafe' and don't miss

"Fabulous Fashions for Less" Fashion show

Friday night October 16th at 6:30pm

by The Clothes Rack Women's consignment shop.

Show Hours

Thursday & Friday 10-8, Saturday 10-5

Free Parking - Return Privileges

General Admission $5.00 Senior Admission $4.00

12 and under Free

Visit our website for a list of exhibitors, entertainment schedule,

directions to the show,and links to local information.

See you soon,

Judy & Trudy

WCC Promotions Inc.


Let's see a show of hands for who's the best in all the land . . .

. . . why, it's our loyal CUSTOMERS of course!!

Thanks so much to all of you hoo-hoo! turned out for the October Sand Point Show!!!

Without you, things would have been a fright--but, instead, were sunny and bright!!!

After 12 hours of set-up, our booth finally came together. We don't have the luxury of doing a trial run by setting up each new booth ahead of time. Ideas are drafted on a piece of paper, which always looks VERY different than expected!!

It's amazing how a jumbled mess can be turned into sweet poetry with the power of "cropping" . . . wish I could edit my life that easily!

At the end of this bustling one-day show, all we could think about was sitting down to a tall, cold one . . .

We're so doggone tired . . . this hound looks better than me today!! Just one day of recovery before reloading for the LYNDEN CRAFT & ANTIQUES SHOW this weekend. There will be more information on my next post.

I've decided to use the power of blog-land to send a message to the "takers" of the world. Someone is enjoying, free of charge, my Laurel Burch, red and gold "bamboo" earrings. Over the years, it's been hard to accept all the losses endured at the hands of dirty rotten scoundrels who can't seem to understand the pain they cause hard-working people when they steal. From now on, I'm going to post each time an item "disappears" and hope other bloggers will do the same . . . ya never know when an item that has been stolen will suddenly (hopefully) show up.

This awesome turquoise & sterling ring was stolen from me at another show recently. It's quite distinctive--very large with a leafy pattern surrounding two turquoise stones. It would be a welcome relief to receive "borrowed" items back . . . even if anonymously.

Thankfully, most customers are truly honest and kind . . . you make my world go 'round, and I sincerely appreciate your business, compliments and hugs!!

xo Debi

Sunday, October 4, 2009


It's a blustery, sunny, chilly day on Bellingham Bay . . . perfect for inspiring the creative juices! RUN, don't walk to the October 11th Sand Point Antiques & Design Market at Warren G. Magnuson Park in Seattle, Washington. Early buying is at 8:00 AM with show closing at 4:00 PM.

It's a dilemma trying to decide what to bring and what to leave behind . . . I have soooo many fabulous autumn/winter antiques. This old, black scale has the best ghost-like face!

Hands-down (or maybe up?), this is my favorite time of year! Black and white goodies, always suitable, have a special aura during the spooky season . . . heh, heh, heh!!!

A splendidly haunting, vintage beauty shop sign will make her debut . . . .

Orange you happy it's Halloween time? Maybe orange (considered a "healing" color) may not be the favorite of the vintage crowd--but mixed discriminatingly with shabby black and white, it gives a festive and happy feeling to a holiday room!

Never out of style . . . antique, giant baskets hold quilts, textiles & dried arrangements in timeless fashion. This one is from France, and it's one of my better finds!!

Vintage garbage can (ribbed for your viewing pleasure) is great for holding corn stalks. In the foreground is an antique, general store counter-top paper dispenser (with original rolls of paper!!).

A perennial favorite, no matter the season--antique dress forms (dressed in holiday reds). The healthy lass on the left is British (came across the pond) and her tiny friend on the right has an incredible figure!

To light the coming darkness: antique lanterns!!

There are many more goodies in store for you (actually packed in the trailer already): a fabulous, antique black & white organ-top (yes, talking about the musical instrument), a vintage, creamy yellow picket gate (just screaming for Five Little Pumpkins!), an antique black-painted buckboard seat . . . .

HAPPY HOWL-O-WEEN . . . can't wait to see you on Sunday!!!