Monday, December 21, 2009


Nestled amongst a small village of homes in the Ferndale countryside, a sparkling and brilliant Christmas gem resides in all her splendor . . . Mary Foster, who I annoint the undisputable "Queen of Christmas"!!!

All the photos below (reduced down from 114 photos!) are a small representation of the over 43 Christmas displays & trees in Mary Foster's & Bob Jerstadt's glowing residence. Mary begins her artistic creations in September so she can complete this artistic feat by the Christmas season. I'm posting the photos immediately so you can be inspired by them.

It's a daunting task to describe these stunning compositions for you. Hopefully just a few key comments will help you appreciate this joyous work by Mary. As I said, this is just a small view of what she has done. You will have an opportunity to take it ALL in, as Mary will be having a book published soon to encompass her treasures. To let you know what's involved here, the photographer has been working on two trees per day!

Photos above start with the cheerful, white double front doors--a welcoming harbinger of what's just beyond sight! Gold & white ornate trees fill the living room with gasping delight. Holly (Mary's daughter) is pictured in her romantic wedding gown, and I couldn't resist including the photo of Mary's youth--she looks like a Jackie-O in that white dress & gloves. (Sorry about the reflection--but you can actually see the room if you look closely.)
Peppermint candy tree, poinsettias & Victorian cutouts, fruits & florals, pinks & reds galore, nutcrackers, a tree in the bathroom with designer shoes posing as the Christmas tree skirt, elves, candles, a passport/travel themed tree . . . Mary Foster impeccably dressed in red!
Gold, gold & black, geisha, umbrellas, masks, fans, dried naturals, a masculine orange & black tree in Bob's study, giant rooster at the base of one of several trees in the kitchen area, a copper collection gleaming on the wall, hot cider & gingerbread men . . . .

Garden-themed tree (Mary's gardens are other-worldly beautiful too!), scotties tree, woodland animals tree, miniature teacups (from travels) tree, snowmen tree, a tiny tree with a dear friend's earrings as ornaments (what a stellar idea!) . . . .

Fruits, elves, purples, hydrangeas, fish, mermaids, roses, dolls, reindeers, birds, peacocks, butler with candy tree display. (Sorry, but I'm having difficulty posting words to correct pictures, but you certainly get the idea!)

Below are some nice shots of Mary's winter gardens . . . filled with beautiful statuary!

If you'd like to see any images better, please feel free to email me for larger photos.

Thank you Mary & Bob for showing us your amazing home . . . being utterly humbled, I will try to never complain about holiday decorating duties again!!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Ormolulu's Merry Christmas Card(s) to YOU!!!

In celebration of an incredible year spent side-by-side with some of the most amazingly talented, fun and admirable people . . .

In celebration of this sharing and joyous season, which is multiplied in blessings by the beautiful bloggers who shine their creative light and energy into our homes every day . . .

In celebration of continued inspiration and common experience which holds us together through good and bad times . . .

In celebration of the blessing of families & friends we honor and enjoy during this most magical and important of holidays . . .

In celebration of good will and peace on earth, praying for our leaders who will helps us transcend differences to arrive at a better way of living together in this world . . .

In celebration of the reason for this season . . . I remain in awe!

In celebration of the gratitude I feel for a chance to try to do better for and by others in the coming year. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPIEST NEW YEAR to all!!!

xo Debi

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sand Point Market . . . . Happy Holly-Daze!!

It takes very special people to set up such a beautiful, creative, holiday presence (combined with generous amounts of good-natured tenacity) in the face of known frigid temperatures. Hale and hearty vendors and customers alike shared in a community of spirit this past Sunday that lit up the room like a Christmas tree!!!

Words of thanks are inadequate to express the gratitude we felt for the loyal customers who displayed their continued appreciation of our work by showing up. Here are a few glimpses of my booth. Unfortunately, I fractured a bone in my foot and couldn't walk as much as I would have liked . . . the displays by other vendors were just fantastic!

As usual, I brought too much merchandise. But to me, "anything worth doing is worth over-doing" (Mae West)!! Many treasures are gone--and some will be moving on to my space at Pacific Galleries (once I can get my shoes back on, that is!).

It's rather difficult to determine what might sell at any given show. We all have our ups and downs. I'm prone to a bit of this angst prior to every show, despite over 20 years in the biz. For example, I was certain my red dress forms would fly this time . . . not! (I love their timeless appeal nevertheless.)

Lacking the repurposing talents of folks like Salvage Studio, Luluz, John/Bob Cool Stuff, Great Findz, Garden Party & Retreat, I tread the path of uber huntress and display maniac . . . traveling far & wide for the unusual. Seems like every time I've tried to "make" anything, it never sells (or takes forever).

Pretty customer . . . trying to keep warm!

Vintage Christmas ornaments . . . still have a few left!!

This is Dennis Eros, the nicest show promoter. If you ever have Native American art/artifacts, he's your go-to-guy! Thanks for a good year at Sand Point in Seattle, Dennis!

Ah, the last show of 2009 . . . dim the lights, light the candles, enjoy the holidays and family celebrations ahead. May the combined reflective and sometimes frenzied weeks ahead bring true meaning and happiness for you in the coming New Year!

As the days ahead shorten, I'll be more pensive, seeking ways to breathe new life and soul into my passionately-chosen, road less traveled . . . a path I could not find without YOU!

Thanks for sharing my crazy 2009. Your friendship and inspiration have been invaluable, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!!

Love & Hugs,


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chill, Baby . . . .

Well, baby, it's cold outside . . . but Sand Point Antique & Design Market will warm your heart! It's tomorrow . . . 8:00 am to 4:00 pm! Come see your favorites: ReTreat, Salvage Studio, Luluz, John/Bob Cool Stuff, Ageing Fancies & more!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sand Point Show . . . Let it SNOW?!

. . . symbolically, of course!!
Weather permitting, I'll be joining Santa and his steed (where's the reindeer?) on Sunday, December 6th . . . our final Sand Point Antique & Design Market in Seattle for 2009.

Here's an additional preview of what's in store for you hearty shoppers searching for the best and most unique Christmas/holiday treasures you can find . . . and you don't have to show up at 4:00 in the morning (8:00 please early birds)!

This stunning antique etching from Italy is the most beautiful depiction of the Holy Family I've ever come across. Imagine this above your mantel with a giant wreath surrounding it!

Whimsical touches of 1950's hand-made ornaments are bright and cheery for those who love the lights and colors of the Holiday Season!

With a little "Imagination" . . .

. . . you may spot multiple locations for your Santas collection around the house. I have collected a ridiculous number of Fabriche "Possible Dreams" santas--they find their way inside bookcases, on kitchen shelves, in a wreath or swag, on the table. I love their totally charming faces which harken back to fond memories of my childhood in the 50's & 60's.

Vintage, brass stencils tied up in bows create unique ornaments and look fabulous on this little, white bottlebrush tree . . . note the tulle wedding veil around the bottom of the tree--all placed on a stunning, antique silver footed tray!!

Did I say 50's & 60's . . . funky fun tulle wreath?!

This is truly the tip of the iceburg (hope not literally)!! I'll have silver, crystal, chrome, giant three dimensional metal letters, unique baskets to hold presents, vintage drums, deer, elk, ice skates, chandeliers, lamps, church windows and old trunks . . . .

Keep moving to stay warm and join us for more than a little Christmas Cheer!!

p.s. If there are treasures in my postings you'd like to have or know more about, just e-mail me with your questions--always happy to hear from you!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


For my sweet cousin, Linda, in California . . . this post is for YOU! She very recently suffered an automobile accident when someone ran a red light. May God's blessings be with you, Linda, and provide a complete and speedy recovery!!!!

What we do in the antiques/vintage world is based on a collective passion for the past. But it's truest foundation is love for those in our present. Without family and friends, we are nothing.

I hope these beautiful, Christmas images will give Linda . . . and all of us . . . a reason to pause before we begin this most celebrated of seasons. I am grateful for so much. I am grateful that my cousin had a nurse close by who witnessed the accident and recognized Linda's immediate need for her inhaler. No doubt that stranger was instrumental in Linda's survival.

This famous French "Three Daughters" painting celebrates childhood--and a beautiful one at that. No doubt, some element of our early years surfaces (positive or negative) during Christmas. It's one of the greatest blessings--and challenges--of the season.

Being a child of the 50's, I have the sweetest memories of Santa Claus, his big red boots, bottle brush trees, angels, toys and candy . . . my parents and extended family brought so much delight to us. Those lingering images are so unforgettable that--with each passing year--I try to recreate those very special feelings with my family now.

I have noticed Christmas coming earlier and earlier each year. Some of that trend originates from the pressure retailers are under to predict and present trends; and, to me, some of it is due to an increasingly unpredictable world . . . and the following need for feelings of connection and meaning.

I look forward to seeking the memories and feelings established in the hopes and dreams of those who came before me. I celebrate my family now gone and the family I'm fortunate to have at this very moment . . . whether or not I have remained in touch with all of them.

My last show of the year will be Sand Point in Seattle, and these beautiful items will be on parade as well as other vintage treasures. Remember to dress warmly--no central heat. The brave and hearty vendors will be there to bring you LOTS of Christmas cheer and glad tidings for the beautiful season ahead!!!

My gratitude for the ability to continue doing what I love most and survive these economic times is inexpressable . . . thank you with all my heart to the happy customers who return again and again to share in this delight with me--there is no joy without YOU!!!

Sand Point Antique and Design Market is Sunday, December 6--be there with bells on and ring in this most spectacular of seasons!!


xo Debi