Monday, May 30, 2011

THE FARM CHICKS . . . sneak preview!!!!!

Months and months of preparation . . . a year of anticipation!

Ormolulu has a NEW location in  The Plaza  (far right, 

against the wall . . . and just before the food 

concessions:   Spaces 126 - 128. 

This is IT!!!!!  

. . . in my book, the GREATEST SHOW on EARTH!!!

(maybe a *slight exaggeration* but it's my

very, very, very FAVORITE!!!)

We're  constantly  evolving  our  merchandise  offering  and  have 

recently been adding custom-made, industrial/farm chic 

lighting and furniture, based on what we learn 

from customers and other shows 

throughout the year.

Many of you come from quite a distance from Washington

State . . . and we are NOT about to disappoint you!!! 

This is just a snippet of what to expect

 from Ormolulu this time  . . . .

We have been collecting, saving and CREATING the absolute

"best-of-the-best" to bring to Serena's incredible

event . . . we sooooo look forward to 

seeing you next week!!!  Bring

your walking shoes and

a party attitude!!!



Sunday, May 29, 2011

Greenbank Farm . . . and the DIY corkscrew

What do you do when the seagull of life poops on your windshield?

Now that I have your attention . . . it DID actually happen,

both figuratively and literally!!!! 

I'm sure many of you can relate to this story . . . the saga of the van

with trailer breaking down short of our show destination.

Translation:  the *seagull* of life doing his job.  Friends rallied to 

our aid, and--despite having to do their own show setup,

they jumped into their trucks and vans to rescue at

least part of our inventory so the show could

go on.  Jim had to return home and

take care of towing and

repairs.  So . . . 

What does one do under these dire circumstances?  

Hmm--enjoy a good bottle of wine at the end 

of a tough day, right?!  So I brought sweet 

Paula (the show promoter and rescuer) 

a bottle of Chardonnay, assuming

that she had a corkscrew. 

WRONG!!!    So . . . 

(apologies for poor cell-phone photos)

Here's our tried-and-true, do-it-yourself corkscrew method 

(short of breaking the dang bottle--which I was 

so close to doing!).   Girls with tools--gotta

love 'em!  Paula's next rescue feat with 

power drill and screw.  Yep, you 

CAN try this trick at home!!  

Great form Paula.  I 

give it a "10"!!

Once the screw was in position, another useful and

commonly available tool was used 

 to pull out the cork.  (Insert 

lots of laughter!!!)

Ah, sweet success!!!  So, if a seagull gives you crap . . . break out

the tools.  It ain't water into wine, but this reasonable

facscimile was just fine.  Life is hard sometimes,

but oh-so-sweet when shared with friends

like Paula Williams, nephew Steve,

and Phil Torres.  We did it!


* * *

When the going gets tough (or stops in its tracks),

the tough help each other out . . . and share

a nice glass of wine (or  two) together

Paula, you are truly, truly a

pearl in the cabbage 

patch of my


* * *

I'm feeling such gratitude . . . and the van got 

fixed in time for Jim to come back to

Greenbank and help me load out.

We even sold a bunch of 

stuff too . . . nice!!

xoxo ~ Debi

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Greenbank Farm Antiques Show - Memorial Weekend

Antiques on the Farm in Greenbank!!!  Come to gorgeous 

Whidbey Island (765 Wonn Road) this

weekend, May 28 & 29.

10:00 to 5:00 on Saturday and

10:00 to 3:00 on Sunday.  Only $3.00 admission!

There's a Farmer's Market on Sunday

right outside our door too!!

Click here and see just how beautiful this setting is . . . take a breather from the city grind and
join us in the countryside on Whidbey Island this weekend.  You are in for a real TREAT!!!!!!!

. . . just a little teaser for you this time.  

We're also getting ready for The Farm Chicks 

hot-on-the-heels of Greenbank

(I feel like Henny Penny!)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pacific Galleries . . . look again!!!!

You look . . . but do you see?????

There is so much going on all around us--so much competition

for our attention.  In a mall as big as Pacific Galleries, 

it's really tough to compete for the business. 

But we work VERY hard to shake it up and excite your senses!

This is a labor of absolute love, but we have no

real *contacts* in Seattle to connect

with, so it's been a bit of a 

struggle for us.

Despite two years of intense effort, we remain basically

outsiders in a VERY competitive design

landscape.  But I'm tenacious.

The exorbitant price of gas has stripped most of our profit

to the nubbins . . . I'm sure many of you are in the

same boat.  But we're grateful to be hanging

on and continuing to seek our

place in the sun!!!

This is truly some of the BEST merchandise we've ever offered!!

If you haven't been to Pacific Galleries in awhile, give yourself a 

real treat and drop by . . . make sure you have PLENTY of

time, as there is so much to see--enjoy, enjoy!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Saturday in Snohomish . . . THE place to be!!

FIRST sale ever at Ruffles & Rust Square, tomorrow starting 

at 10:00 AM.  Don't forget the big Historic Snohomish

Antique & Art Street Faire . . . it's going to be 

sooooooo exciting and FUN!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SALE at Ruffles & Rust Square!!!!!!!!

This Saturday is the Historic Snohomish Street Faire . . . and I'm 

having a SALE in my space at Ruffles & Rust Square!!!!!

There will be . . .  30% off all blue enamelware

. . . 20% off all furniture (except ND)

. . . 20% off all lighting!!!!!

In addition, I will be in my space to work with you

on individual pricing wherever possible.

So grab a friend (or two or three!) and come to beautiful

Snohomish this Saturday for the vintage/art

street faire and visit all the great

shops ready to make your

day an event!!

My sale begins TODAY and runs until the end of the month,

but you'd better get in early before that treasure

you've been wanting is gone!!!!

"New" furniture items are not included in the sale--but

I've priced them to go!!!!!!

This is an exciting time for Snohomish--if you haven't been there

in awhile, you're in for a real treat!  Be sure to visit

Annies, Joyworks and Faded Elegance too!

Remember, if you see something that you like on my blog . . . 

feel free to contact me:

I'd be happy to answer any