Tuesday, August 31, 2010

UPDATE!!! Greenbank Farm Antique Market

Greenbank Farm is THE place for your relaxing

Labor Day Weekend staycation!

* * * *


* * * *

Not only is the Antique Market happening, but the farm

has a cafe (which boasts "Whidbey's greatest pie,"), wine tasting,

a cheese shop, and an art gallery. There are beautiful trails on the farm

to walk, and dogs are welcome. Sunday is a special treat, as the

local farmers market will be at Greenbank Farm as well!

Admission for the antique market is only $3.00.

And there's plenty of free parking!

* * * *

After attending the show, you can make your way to Freeland to enjoy the

They will have an outdoor Flea Market too!


Grand Opening: Foxglove Antiques and Wholesale Decorator Fabrics

Downtown Freeland.....Labor Day Weekend...Saturday, Sept 4th...1st Annual Flea Market

outside of the shops!

1592 Main St. Freeland, WA 98249 phone; 360 331 8099 for more info.

Foxglove Antiques is full of treasures from the past....antiques, garden,

architectural elements..........

Wholesale Decorator Fabrics has over 100 high end home decor fabrics and

low prices....shipped from nationwide design center closeouts

Just 8 miles south of Greenbank Farm Antiques Show on Hwy. 525!

This will be a very special weekend on the island for those who live to find

vintage treasures. Many fun things for the whole family to do . . .

come spend the day on beautiful Whidbey Island!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

finale ~ Sand Point Antique & Design Market

Words simply can't express the extraordinary gratitude

all of us felt for the wonderful, appreciative

crowd of *spending* customers who

shared a perfect Sunday with

us at Sand Point!!!!!

* * * *

If you missed this show, you missed a GREAT

one! With fewer vendors than in past markets, the mix

was spectacularly well-curated with tons of new merchandise to be

enjoyed by all. It was such a booster to receive such praise and the purchasing

behind the accolades to inspire us to continue following this path

that we all love so very much . . . and we love YOU,

dear customers who continue to believe

in us and keep us coming back!!!

* * * *

Next stop for Ormolulu and friends is the intimate--but always

beautiful--Greenbank Show on Whidbey Island this

Labor Day Weekend! I'm late to post on

this but promise to have details

tomorrow--stay tuned!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

. . . just a bit more light on the subject.

Three days . . . five trips to the hardware store(s) . . .

and these wonderful, industrial fixtures will shine brightly once

again. See them at Sand Point Antique & Design Market this Sunday!!

* * * *

GREAT job, Jim--you do

such wonderful restorations!!!!

xoxo Debi

just two days away . . . Sand Point Market, Seattle

There are more than *30* reasons you should make your way

to Warren G. Magnuson Park this Sunday

. . . Circle Creek Home, Great Findz, Ageing Fancies, Bobbie's,

Just Because Antiques, Lionheart Antiques, Stephen McLain,

Gail Mc Curdy, John Meisch, Walden Road Antiques, Andrea Savar

Creations, Coffees a la Cart, Trimble's Creations, Wayne Anderson,

Diane Norris Designs, Gild the Lily Antiques, Circle R Vintage,

Nina McFall, Mela of "Cake", Ormolulu . . . and more, more more!!

Looks like the weather is going to be stellar--always a big plus!!

If you'd like to be added to the list, just let me know--the more the merrier!!

It's going to be a beautiful show . . . open, open, open!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

YES . . . it's a go: August 29th - Sand Point in Seattle

Here's what you'll experience at this Sunday's Sand Point Antique

and Design Market. Prepare to spend the day

surrounded by special new treasures!!

All your senses will be satisfied . . . .

As summer passes into autumn, your *nesting* instincts will

begin to kick in . . . relax, and be comfortable!!

Little moments . . . natural beauty to behold and utilize

in your crafting/jewelry making adventures.

Simple pleasures . . . kitchen enamelware from a different and

splendid place in time . . . .

Fading sunlight, absorbed in beautiful stained glass . . . .

Little treasures to warm your heart . . . tiny, antique

child's telephone (oldest I've ever had!) and a

flour sack YOU can cost-effectively

turn into a charming pillow~

Timeless classics in silver . . . .

. . . and a very soft place to land . . .

"Oil's Well" . . . that ends well!

Come for the fun on a beautiful Sunday (one of the few left in the Pacific

Northwest), spend time with your friends and take home

a vintage treasure (or two, or three, or . . . !).

* * * *

Check my sidebar for details: HOPE TO SEE YOU THIS SUNDAY!!

xoxo Debi

Sunday, August 22, 2010

. . . what's on your fridge ? ? ? ?

Okay . . . I'll admit it: I've never liked pictures/stuff on my fridge door!!!

(Will lightening bolts come down and eliminate me from the planet?!)

Having seen so many refrigerator doors literally *covered* in

sweet sentimentality . . . what's wrong with me that I

don't like that?! Oh no . . . it's creeping in!!!

1960's sweeeeeet pic of my Jim.

So much about him is *still*

right there: no really bad or

*mean* disdain (only pretend) of the

moment--with his first "jack-o-lantern".

(Can just imagine him saying: "No way will I admit that I

like this . . . !"). Note the tiniest , little tip

of his three-year-old tongue

saying . . .


(He is just as sweet--but just as much *sweetboy*--today!!)

Do we really ever change deep in the heart?????

Innocence is always a part of our

better selves, no??!

The only other thing on my fridge (other than the top--another post!!)

is this INSPIRATION. Struggling with my increasing age,

against my growing appetite for experiencing life . . .

I find this quotation supremely motivating.

Hope you do too! With love,

* Debi *

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

* * * * * * White Wednesday Home * * * * * *

Through the years, I've gained so much inspiration from the talented vendors

and friends who've shared time, camaraderie and hard work with

me at so many lovely shows (have stopped counting).

And it's reflected in my surroundings

at home--as you can see!

* * * Enjoy my joy * * *

(p.s. I'll be bringing similar beautiful apothecary jars, enamelware,

seashells, etc., to the Sand Point Show on Aug. 29th!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

another great quote from Geneen Roth . . . .

This gorgeous photo (courtesy of Robin Moses), taken at

Angel Lavender Farm in Sequim,

Washington, represents the feeling of peacefulness

I feel when reading Women Food and God.

I don't necessarily agree with her views on spirituality,

but any path to love of both self and others, is good in my world.

* * * *
Here's another quote I liked:

"Some people have to go to India," I tell my students. "Some people
believe they need gurus or esoteric practices. But you have
food--and it is your greatest teacher. If you are
willing to engage with yourself--rather than run from
yourself--and if you are willing to be steadfast and not get
seduced by the newest greatest diet, you already
have what people go to India to get. Right there on your
plate, right smack in the middle of your day-to-day life, you
have your way back to the truth."

The hard part is not big starry openings, as dramatic and sought
after as they are. Insights are daily occurrences . . .
sensing your body, putting aside time every morning to sit
quietly, disengaging from The Voice, learning and
practicing inquiry. Real change happens bit by bit. It takes
great effort to become effortless at anything.

There are no quick fixes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

. . . . . . six-pack abs . . . . . .

Okay, so on this--the day--that I decide it's time to get real about my

weight problem . . . Jim comes down the stairs in this shirt

(and, yes, he's *sucking it in* for the camera!).

To top it off--while I'm laughing at the shirt--, he says,

"it hides my six-al-packa!!!

This reminds me of the TV commercial of the guy

in the bar who says, "Do you think this makes me look fat?!"

Yeah, right . . . like guys think like that. I've gained a bit of

perspective here--but I still want to lose weight!

going out on a limb

No pictures today . . . no show previews . . . no events . . . or family/friend reunions. Just talk--maybe just talking to myself . But I'm hoping to find a link to others sharing my struggle.

With all the hoop-te-do about the big EAT*PRAY*LOVE movie (based on the fabulous book also entitled E.P.L.) that's out and hitting on all cylinders with most of the women I know, I'm focusing on another great book called WOMEN*FOOD*and*GOD. It's a journey of a different kind. No big, romantic, scary travel . . . unless travel into your own mind is scary (yes, yes & yes!).

For years I've been fighting my yo-yo-weight, which has been a losing battle in recent years . . . and a source of tremendous suffering as menopause introduces additional barriers to maintaining (oops, er . . . finding) the body of my youth. Yeah, I know that will never happen. I just want to feel better but have found myself pretty unsuccessful at stopping the insanity of overeating.

This last year, in particular, has left me with crippling, self-defeating patterns I feel helpless to alter . . . until NOW! Reading WOMEN*FOOD*and*GOD is like reading a script I could have written myself. The author, Geneen Roth, knows personally of what she speaks . . . been there, done that. And she's spent many years devoting herself to helping other women tame the internal demons. Why didn't I find her sooner?! Well, I found her now--and I'm not letting go!

This is the beginning for me. I'm jumping the gun sharing this with you, as I haven't even finished reading the book . . . and I already want to read it AGAIN!

Please bear with me; this will be a rather long quotation from the book. But it's one of my "Ah-ha!" moments and I find it absolutely hysterical:

Taken from: "Married to Amazement, Chapter 8" ( . . . on meditation)

Last night I went to bed rather cheerfully. Matt had just returned from a weeklong work trip, twelve double Bowl of Beauty peonies were blooming in my garden, and I'd had a productive writing day. Also, the earth had survived yet another twenty-four hours without a nuclear blast. Life was good.

Then came the middle of the night. My mind, which had been in repose during the previous eighty-six times I'd woken up, started playing its familiar music. And these, more or less, are the tunes:

Joe (our contractor who had installed a leaky roof) still hasn't returned my call. I bet he's not intending to. I'm going to have to call a lawyer, but it's probably going to cost so much to pay the damned lawyer that by the time i get done forking out the cash for those bills, I could have gotten a new roof. That fucking contractor. I need to call the lawyer first thing in the morning. My throat hurts. I wonder what the signs of esophageal cancer are? Is my computer on? Maybe I should go look up the signs of throat cancer. I'm getting old. Soon I'm going to die--and since Matt will die first, I'll be alone. Men always leave first. Why didn't we have children? I know people say that having children so that you will have someone to take care of you when you are old and no one else cares is not a good reason, but what were they thinking when they said that? Maybe it's not too late to adopt. We could go to Russia, maybe even the town where our grandparents came from. If we knew which or where it was. Latvia? Litvia? Minsk? Are those even real words? We'd have to spend months there. At least we could drink vodka, but first I'd have to like the taste of it. It's late, I need to go back to sleep. I think I'll get a glass of water. Water. California had its driest spring in 156 years. Soon there won't be any water. The earth is either going to be scorched or under water. And we're definitely living in the scorched part. Oh man. I better learn to eat roots and tree stumps . . . (this goes on but you get the idea!)

Quotation continued: These are the ravings of a paranoid, frightened, bitter person. Someone you wouldn't want your children to be alone with. And this was a good night.

I was roaring with laughter reading the above stream of consciousness . . . how many nights I've laid awake, fighting similar silly ramblings of my mind--leading to great anxiety by morning! I'm skipping a few paragraphs here but she goes on to say:

Most of the time we don't question our minds. We believe in their lunacy. We have a thought--my contractor is never going to call me back--that evokes a corresponding emotion (anger, anxiety, blame) and we are suddenly on the phone with the lawyer, convinced that we hired a thief who is now on his way to Costa Rica with our money. The louse.

Meditation develops the capacity to question your mind. Without it, you are at the mercy of every thought, every desire, every wave of emotion. You become unhinged, dependent on whether things are going well that day or not. Whether anyone has rejected you that day or not. If nothing kicks up the "They Did Me Wrong" mix, or the "I Am Fat and Unloved and Will Always Be This Way" mix, you might have a good eating day. But if you pass a mirror and don't like what you see, if you have a fight with a friend, a partner, a boss, a child, there is nowhere to go but your mind, which usually means listening to one of the familiar whipped-up melodies. And believing every word of it.

I want a life of amazement. I want to show up for what Zorba the Greek called "the whole catastrophe." And after living through decades of being married to obsession and self-constructed suffering, I have found that being married to amazement means showing up in the only place from which to experience it: here, now, in this very moment.

Usually when people hear the word meditation, they think of transcending this clunky earthly plane. The kind of meditation I refer to has nothing to do with transcending or leaving or changing yourself in any way--and everything to do with its opposite: showing up where you already are.

End of quote. Okay, I'm "going in" . . . wish me luck. Hope you enjoyed spending this amazing moment with me. I've got a long way to go. If I'm still fat the next time you see me, you'll know how I'm doing ;0).

Friday, August 13, 2010

. . . . . . Sand Point Preview . . . . . .

Before you know it, the Sand Point Antique & Design Market

will present it's August 29th show.

Maybe it's a bit early for a preview . . . just couldn't wait to show you

some of the fabulous items I've been gathering!!

I've been feeling a bit tired and cranky lately--it's been a very

busy summer. But staging the new merchandise

is improving my mood remarkably!

So . . . hopefully this will be a little pick-me-up for you too!

I soooooo wish I could go on Timi's bus to Yakima this weekend.

The Clayson Farm Antique Show will be a a

real treat, for sure!!!

There's just so much wonderful talent out there: a bit closer to home

for me is the sidewalk sale in LaConner (especially Moon Rose!),

the opening of the new Weathered Rose in Bothell,

Todd's Junk-o-Rama in Edmonds,

& Pacific Galleries' parking

lot sale . . . clone me


The options are pulling at my heart strings. Sure don't want to disappoint

anyone by not attending . . . this is an incredibly hard-working

crowd of fellow junkers--I can't keep up, can you?!

Please check back in . . . there will be more eye candy for the

Sand Point Market. We do hope you'll continue

to support this event with your attendance.

There are so few Seattle-based shows

left in the vintage market.

Think of it this way: How much would it cost you to drive around

the Seattle area (both in time and money) in order to be

able to find this many vintage treasures? Help us to

keep the magic alive by your presence!

Thank you VERY much for your past support of the Sand Point Antique

and Design Market. Hope to see you on the 29th!!!!

* * * *

xoxo Debi

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

. . . . . . . White Wednesday Cherubs . . . . . . .

A personal glimpse of my powder room . . . simple, sweet elegance!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

. . . . . . . . "S" . . . . . . . . is for sold!

I was really excited about this 4-foot back-lit "S" we just recently

hung at Pacific Galleries. Couldn't wait to show it to you.

But it's already out the door . . . sold!!!!

There's still plenty more to take in at "Madison Park 14".

I'll be there this Saturday inside my booth to

"wheel and deal", as that's the date

of the parking lot sale!!

There's some fab garden treasures!!

Lots and lots of fun spots to hit this weekend:

MoonRose Market in LaConner

and sidewalk sales in


* * *

Coupeville Arts Festival

* * *

Opening of The Weathered Rose in Bothell

* * *

Clayson Farm's Primitives Show in Yakima (this is a GREAT one!)

. . . decisions, decisions--can there be too much good stuff?!

Have a FUN weekend!!

xoxo Debi