Friday, April 22, 2011

Haystack Antiques in Bellevue is OPEN!!!

Haystack Antiques, owned and operated by the

wonderful Debbie Nordstrom is OPEN in

Bellevue, Washington.  I dropped by

for a few early photos today.

You won't believe the

incredible line-up

of dealers she

has for 


I won't spill the beans . . . you've simply GOT to go and see for

yourself!!!  This *needle in a haystack* is a bit hard to

find, but WELL worth the  effort!  This last photo 

shows Ormolulu's industrial pendant lights 

that Debbie found in our  booth at  

Ruffles & Rust Square!

* * *

THANKS, Debbie--the shop looks GREAT!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Good Stuff: Ruffles & Rust Square

It's hard to "see" everything in a space--so I try to shake it up

pretty regularly . . .  moving things around and

remerchandising.  Keep'in it  fresh!!

Can you see that darling double-

decker coat/hat rack sitting

on the farm table???

Have you noticed the repurposed industrial lighting, designed with 

vintage parts and all new electrical wiring??!  The big one on

the left is a very old granary funnel, topped with a

rusty washing plunger & heavy, old chain!

Plenty of "drop" is available,  but it 

had to be shortened to prevent

 tall people ~ like Todd ~ 

from running into it.
The  pendant light

 on the right is a 

vintage milk 

strainer and

metal frog 


With so many smalls, the booth needed more structure . . . .

We picked up this  AWESOME  birdhouse hutch at

Island Chicks (thanks Kim!!).  It used to be at

Bunnies by the Bay in LaConner.  But

now it's settled into a new home!!

But not for sale . . . yet!!!!

Without enough wall space to hang this ENORMOUS and

amazing rusty mirror, I wonder if anyone is even

noticing it on the floor?  Big mirrors like this

are getting very hard to find!!!!!!

(Hangs in either dimension.)

If you haven't been to Ruffles & Rust Square lately . . . please

come in and LOOK AGAIN!!!!

* * *

For questions or comments about anything on this blog,

I totally welcome your inquiry via email: 

* * *

~  p.s.:  Comments are sooooo nice too!!!  ~

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Island Chicks Show - WOW!!!!!!

A fabulous new show . . . a stellar beginning to what

we hope is a continued series of events with

The Island Chicks!  THANK YOU

to Jackie, Jo and Debbie!!

These ladies (and their wonderful helpers) really know how

to put on a show . . . they were organized,

gracious, and detail-oriented!

They really *get it* about what vendors need to get through

the intense physical and mental exertion that

a good presentation entails for all

of us . . . resulting in a great

experience for most


Many *old* friends showed up in Anacortes,

and many *new* friends were made.

A true source of happiness!!

We're already looking forward to the October 29th Show!!! 

Thanks again to the Island Chicks, the hard-working

vendors and sweetest customers for making

this a wonderful day in Anacortes!!!!

xoxo ~ Debi

Friday, April 15, 2011

Island Chicks Show - FEAST for the Eyes!!!

If you have any reservations about driving to 

Anacortes tomorrow morning for this 

*new*  Island Chicks Show,  let

me ASSURE you, it's frick'in

more than awesome!

Whatever you have to do to get here . . . .

  . . . . .  just get here!  I worked until

9:00 p.m. so no time (or light)

for other photos.  Come 

see for yourself!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Island Chicks . . . "Appeteaser"

 Saturday, April 16, in Anacortes - The Island Chicks Show!!

This is just a little "Appeteaser" . . . come for

the hors d'oeuvres and stay for

the FEAST!!!!

This stunning SNOWY EGRET print looks right

at home among the floats and

ship lanterns!!!!

So come and get your NAUTICAL on in gorgeous

Anacortes . . . one of the best "salt-water"

cities in the Pacific Northwest!!

Who knows what treasure you will find????

Soooo . . . get off your booty and 

come see the booty!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ruffles & Rust Square "Fluff"

Check out Timi's FAB new shop chandeliers.

Not for sale, but I just had to show you!

French wire baskets, French antique plate,

vintage "jockey" ashtray--great for

jewelry, rings or a watch


Being the Francophile that I am--always lots of French,

including this giant, vintage birdcage!!

Don't miss the advertising prop

for perfume:  Harmony of

Boston Intense 


Italian vintage is right up there with the

French in my book.  Check out

the stunning, Italian table

and gilt wall shelves! 

Tiny, green wagon with white 

wheels & green street

number signs!

Pair of Italian, gilt wall sconces--did

you miss them?  Look again!

The most wonderful, floral metal letters

in matching vintage box!

These pics are just a peek of our "fluff" at Ruffles & RUST Square.

We were just going to add our fantastic, rewired

nautical pendant lights, but ended up

staying all afternoon--hope

you likee!!!!

NOW . . . off to photograph and pack for 

coming this Saturday . . . NOT to be missed, really!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Didn't go to 2nd Saturdayz? You missed out!

2nd Saturdayz was Easter festive!!

Brer Rabbit was named "Best of Show" by a friend.

He went home with me!!

The factory cart will be a stellar coffee table for

one lucky customer!

This is the ONLY kind of slug I like--vintage classroom

tutorial drawing that was hand-painted.

Ravenna Gardens snagged this fabulous vintage 

concrete chicken!!

The French half doll on the left is made of WAX over

composition--very rare!  And how often do 

you see a French half-doll with RED

hair?  Both still available!!

* * *

Remember, 2nd Saturdayz on May 14

will be held in SNOHOMISH,

one-time special event!

* * *

We're on the road to Island Chicks in

beautiful Anacortes this coming

Saturday, April 16!!!!!!

. . . stay tuned . . .

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Set your alarm clock for 2nd Saturdayz!

Well, you probably won't be up as early as we will,

but don't forget to set your alarm clock

for early buying at 2nd Satz

Saturday morning!

~ 8:00 a.m. ~

Free gift-with-purchase in my booth for the first 20

customers!!  GREAT new merchandise

to delight your senses--can't

wait to see you!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yesssss . . . it's the 2nd Saturdayz' Spring Market!!!

The weather has been fickle . . . 

Spring is on the calendar but NOT in the air!

But we've got that all covered for

you at 2nd Saturdayz,  where


Realizing you have many options for the weekend,

we are prepared to DAZZLE you with

beauty and COLOR . . . just what you need

after the cloudy days we've been

pretty much mired in, don'tchathink?!

I just feel HAPPY looking at this collection of 

robin's egg blue antique enamelware!

So "stick your tongue out" at the lingering "Lion of March"

and join us 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. this Saturday

at Magnuson Park in Seattle.  We are prepared to WOW you

and jump-start the weekend with great JOY!!!

I can't show you EVERYTHING . . . this is just a little tease!!!

Come and join the festivities . . . fill your garden

shed and home with light and love!!!

 ~ xoxo Debi ~

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lynden Show . . . looking back & looking forward . . .


Having recently received this rather glowing message from Judy and

Trudy of the Lynden Craft & Antique Show,

I asked if it would be okay to blog-show

you their thoughtful and MUCH

appreciated comments.  

* * *

From my perspective, this is not a brag session--and I hope

you'll connect to how much this type of

communication can make or

break the enjoyment

of any kind of $


* * *

This genuinely positive note made

my heart soar . . .  and, while I need the money  to

live on,  I crave this type of life-giving, creative validation

just as much.  Thank you Judy

 and Trudy!!!


                                  We cannot thank-you enough for how much beauty, style and intrigue you 
                                  brought to the Show.  Those unique items always bring so much interest to 
                                  your booth.  Of course, such grand displays make one feel like they could
                                  be in an art/antique gallery.  We are amazed at your exceptional talent for 
                                  making a space that draws one in to treasure hunt.   We love the photos of 
                                  your booth and cannot believe how many interesting vignettes you create 
                                  in that space.  It is very clear that you truly love what you do!

                                 We also appreciate all your great promotion of the Show.  We value your 
                                 reminders of what shows to attend and especially thank-you for putting in 
                                 a good word with other dealers.

                                 Just wanted you to know we appreciate and realize how much we benefit 
                                 from all your hard work and talent.

                                 With warm gratitude,

                                 Judy & Trudy 
                                     *WCC Promotions*

                                 P.S.  One of my very discriminating shopper friends told me that your 
                                          booth has a real pull to "have to see" one-of-a-kind treasures so
                                          very few have.  She is honest and I believe her!  I really know that 
                                          anything that looks so grand, has lots of work & heart behind it!