Wednesday, July 27, 2011

. . . and now, the extra "LU" in ORMOLULU . . .

Although my first post regarding the definition of "ormolu" wasn't 

particularly well-received, I still hope to balance it with

the remaining explanation of my blog

name . . . "ORMOLULU".

. . . and this is the additional "LU" to my "ORMOLU" . . . 

Maybe it's because I was forced to grow up at such a rapid

pace as a child . . . work beginning at age 11,

picking strawberries (I know, nothing 

new to many of you!).  But I was

out the door and on my own

at age 18 . . . on the


My parents felt a responsibility to make sure we were

all as independent as possible--as early as

possible--in our lives.  I always felt

that my childhood was cut

short.  Maybe that's

why I still



I felt a deep yearning for the stability that antiques represented

to me quite early in life . . . beginning with the old

things in my grandmothers' homes.  But

I certainly did NOT want my 

home to look like

theirs' did!

Each new generation wants to create "their own" look, 

and today is certainly NO exception!

Connecting to a fresher look has been so important in the more

whimsical and creative aspects of today's antiques

and vintage business.  But Ormolulu's roots

will always be in the "old",

where high quality

means depth &


Much of what I see in "design" today seems trite

and "throw away" . . . and for someone

with my "shakey" start in life,

it has no grounding 

feeling for


And, as time goes by, I become more and more excited by

the possibilities in utilizing the old, the rejected,

the unusable in a new form as

beauty . . . art!!!

The chippy, the rusty, the crusty, the simple but strong,

the utilitarian, the organic and natural

objects that have no peer on

the planet . . . sigh!!!

 * * *

"Skip to my "LU" my darling . . . !"

~ xoxo ~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What the heck is . . . "ormolu" ?

Determining either a "blog" name--or business name--is quite the

 undertaking today.  People are so creative, and the pressure  

to be certain that it "makes sense" is really intense if

you want to stand out from the crowd . . . .

After a GREAT deal of trial-and-error . . . with lengthy lists of 

 many "possibilities",  I landed on "ORMOLULU"

 .  .  .  being a combination of "ormolu" (a

gorgeous, elegant component of

French furnishings), and "lu"

for a whimsical, and

humorous fin!

I wanted to express myself in complex AND humorous

ways . . . not to take myself soooo seriously (as

I've been prone to doing life-long)!

I'm truly a major "Francophile",  loving most things French, 

especially my mate . . . whose last name means

"white water" in French.  Isn't that 

just beautiful???!!!!

However, I digress . . . what the heck is 

ormolu . . . and why is my blog

named "Ormolulu"???

Here is the Wikipedia definition of ormolu:

Ormolu (pronounced /ˈɔːməluː/; from French or moulu, signifying ground or pounded gold) is an 18th-century English term for applying finely ground, high-karat gold in a mercury amalgam to an object of bronze. The mercury is driven off in a kiln. The French refer to this technique as bronze doré; in English, it is known as "gilt bronze".
The manufacture of true ormolu employs a process known as mercury-gilding or fire-gilding, in which a solution of nitrate of mercury is applied to a piece of copperbrass, or bronze, followed by the application of an amalgam of gold and mercury. The item was then exposed to extreme heat until the mercury burned off and the gold remained, adhered to the metal object.
Due to exposure to the harmful mercury fumes, most gilders did not survive beyond 40 years of age, .
Hang him; a gilder that hath his brains perished with quicksilver is not more cold in the liver
No true ormolu was produced in France after around 1830 because legislation had outlawed the use of mercury. Therefore, other techniques were used instead but nothing surpasses the original mercury-firing ormolu method for sheer beauty and richness of colour.[1] Electroplating is the most common modern technique. Ormolu techniques are essentially the same as those used on silver, to produce silver-gilt (also known as vermeil).
A later substitute of a mixture of metals resembling ormolu was developed in France and called pomponne, though, confusingly, the mix of copper and zinc, sometimes with an addition of tin, is technically a type of brass. From the 19th century the term has been popularized to refer to gilt metal or imitation gold.[2]

My simple explanation:   Life is splendidly "gilded" by our

efforts to create beauty around us . . . in whatever

form pleases us . . . and there are soooo 

many forms to discover and

appreciate, don't you


* * * 

I am "ORMOLULU" . . . a complex, difficult-to-

understand, sometimes elegant, sometimes

hard-to-appreciate, humble, intense, 

flamboyant, simple, flighty,

energetic creature who

loves to express


THANK YOU for putting up with me . . .

and joining me on this crazy

journey of life.  



Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Blue Heaven . . . . !

The BLUEST possible sky--the BLUEST possible water!  Hard to

come by in the Pacific Northwest.  But that's exactly what

my sister, Peggy, and I luxuriated in today while

visiting Port Angeles and it's famous Sand 

Castle Contest.  This was truly

a heavenly day . . . in 

every way!!!

These professional, sand-carving artists come from all over

the United States to compete for best sculpture.

We're talking about 27,000 pounds of

sand for each work of art!!!

Serious stuff and


Approximately 22 hours go into each work

of *temporary* art.  These beautiful 

structures will be history in

a bit over a week!

A very special type of sand is imported

. . . one which will hold up to the 

artists' demands for detail &

 structural adherence.

The *theme* was the world of

sports--you may have 

figured that


There was something for everyone:  swimming, *blues*, 

food, a market . . . and a GIANT 8-foot 

*rock* octopus sculpture!

Downtown Port Angeles has several gorgeous

wall-sized, hand-painted murals.  The

details were just incredible!!

It was a long drive from Bellingham, crossing the

ferry to the Olympic Penninsula.  But

it was well worth it!

Time spent with my wonderful, generous sister

was --as always-- way too short!!

Thanks for the *delayed*

birthday; so worth

waiting for!

I think there needs to be another "sister play-date"

some time again very soon!!!!   Edmonds, 

Peggy?  I want to take you to Todd's

As an avid gardener, you 

will LOVE it!!!  

xoxoxo my sweet Peggy!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

. . . a bit MORE of * Vintage Bliss * in Conway!!

Slowly, but surely, we're adding merchandise to

our new booth at *Vintage Bliss*  in

Conway.  And we have an 

offer for you . . . !

Please visit this charming mall, mention Ormolulu

blog or Facebook page . . . and receive a

15% discount off your entire 

purchase in our


Your patience is really appreciated during this

move-in phase . . . I like things to

be picture-perfect, and they

are not!  But there 

are goodies


So please come explore this charming, comfortable,

laid-back shop across from the Conway

Pub . . . great hamburgers/oysters

and brewskies for youskies!

And be sure to visit * Curious Goods Antiques *

just around the corner . . . a day spent in

the country to soothe away

the daily stresses of

life . . . ah!!!

REMEMBER . . . 15% off your entire purchase

in my booth if you mention Ormolulu

the blog or Facebook Page!!!

Offer is good till the

end of July!

* * *

Thanks so much for your continued support of

my small business enterprise.  I'm 

looking forward to seeing

you all soon!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a bit of * Vintage Bliss * bliss . . . .

Just getting started at *Vintage Bliss* in Conway.

Denise calls her shop "A vintage emporium 

of fabulous things", and I'm happy to

be part of that fabulousness!

Never having done a space in the center of a shop before, this

is a new challenge.  Will take a bit of time before it

becomes the way I like.  But here's a little

peek at what's developing . . . .

Getting the *structure* in place will take a bit of experimentation.

But it's a lot of fun, and I just love being closer 

to home.  Conway is just 30 minutes

south of Bellingham.

I have some vintage, French-style furniture at really

great prices . . . so come take a look!!

Antique, decoupaged screens from the Victorian era are just

incredible . . . how I hate to part with them!!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be updating you with more of 

my new finds . . . some GREAT stuff

is coming soon!!!

Our next stop is 2nd Saturdayz Urban Market in Seattle

at Warren G. Magnuson Park (in the

Workshop, as always). 

* AUGUST 13 *

We've missed our friends and customers there and look forward

to a happy reunion!!  With a few big shows behind

us, it's time to ENJOY the more intimate

surroundings of our favorite

local shows!!!  

* * *

P.S.  Please be sure to stop by Ruffles & Rust
Square in Snohomish for my big sale!!