Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sand Point Show . . . Let it SNOW?!

. . . symbolically, of course!!
Weather permitting, I'll be joining Santa and his steed (where's the reindeer?) on Sunday, December 6th . . . our final Sand Point Antique & Design Market in Seattle for 2009.

Here's an additional preview of what's in store for you hearty shoppers searching for the best and most unique Christmas/holiday treasures you can find . . . and you don't have to show up at 4:00 in the morning (8:00 please early birds)!

This stunning antique etching from Italy is the most beautiful depiction of the Holy Family I've ever come across. Imagine this above your mantel with a giant wreath surrounding it!

Whimsical touches of 1950's hand-made ornaments are bright and cheery for those who love the lights and colors of the Holiday Season!

With a little "Imagination" . . .

. . . you may spot multiple locations for your Santas collection around the house. I have collected a ridiculous number of Fabriche "Possible Dreams" santas--they find their way inside bookcases, on kitchen shelves, in a wreath or swag, on the table. I love their totally charming faces which harken back to fond memories of my childhood in the 50's & 60's.

Vintage, brass stencils tied up in bows create unique ornaments and look fabulous on this little, white bottlebrush tree . . . note the tulle wedding veil around the bottom of the tree--all placed on a stunning, antique silver footed tray!!

Did I say 50's & 60's . . . funky fun tulle wreath?!

This is truly the tip of the iceburg (hope not literally)!! I'll have silver, crystal, chrome, giant three dimensional metal letters, unique baskets to hold presents, vintage drums, deer, elk, ice skates, chandeliers, lamps, church windows and old trunks . . . .

Keep moving to stay warm and join us for more than a little Christmas Cheer!!

p.s. If there are treasures in my postings you'd like to have or know more about, just e-mail me with your questions--always happy to hear from you!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


For my sweet cousin, Linda, in California . . . this post is for YOU! She very recently suffered an automobile accident when someone ran a red light. May God's blessings be with you, Linda, and provide a complete and speedy recovery!!!!

What we do in the antiques/vintage world is based on a collective passion for the past. But it's truest foundation is love for those in our present. Without family and friends, we are nothing.

I hope these beautiful, Christmas images will give Linda . . . and all of us . . . a reason to pause before we begin this most celebrated of seasons. I am grateful for so much. I am grateful that my cousin had a nurse close by who witnessed the accident and recognized Linda's immediate need for her inhaler. No doubt that stranger was instrumental in Linda's survival.

This famous French "Three Daughters" painting celebrates childhood--and a beautiful one at that. No doubt, some element of our early years surfaces (positive or negative) during Christmas. It's one of the greatest blessings--and challenges--of the season.

Being a child of the 50's, I have the sweetest memories of Santa Claus, his big red boots, bottle brush trees, angels, toys and candy . . . my parents and extended family brought so much delight to us. Those lingering images are so unforgettable that--with each passing year--I try to recreate those very special feelings with my family now.

I have noticed Christmas coming earlier and earlier each year. Some of that trend originates from the pressure retailers are under to predict and present trends; and, to me, some of it is due to an increasingly unpredictable world . . . and the following need for feelings of connection and meaning.

I look forward to seeking the memories and feelings established in the hopes and dreams of those who came before me. I celebrate my family now gone and the family I'm fortunate to have at this very moment . . . whether or not I have remained in touch with all of them.

My last show of the year will be Sand Point in Seattle, and these beautiful items will be on parade as well as other vintage treasures. Remember to dress warmly--no central heat. The brave and hearty vendors will be there to bring you LOTS of Christmas cheer and glad tidings for the beautiful season ahead!!!

My gratitude for the ability to continue doing what I love most and survive these economic times is inexpressable . . . thank you with all my heart to the happy customers who return again and again to share in this delight with me--there is no joy without YOU!!!

Sand Point Antique and Design Market is Sunday, December 6--be there with bells on and ring in this most spectacular of seasons!!


xo Debi

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Christianson's Nursery in Skagit County had their annual Christmas Open House this past weekend.  These wonderfully skilled merchandisers, as always, delighted the soul!!

There are many nurseries out there, but Christianson's is an absolute standout.  It's not for the shy-of-pocketbook . . . but there is always something you can find to take home without hyperventilating (except for the awe!!!). 

There are several gorgeous out-buildings that house some of the most incredible and hard-to-find plants and flowers around . . . and the small garden shed (door above) is always full of antiques & stunning gifts.

The beauty of the environment was a real stimulus to my Christmas spirit . . . as well as the fresh-pressed hot cider, cheese puffs, baked brie with toasted pecans, ham spread (don't even think Armour!) with pickled onions, and little chocolate "lava" cakes.

Always a great supply of ironstone & vintage silver . . . .

These photos don't do this incredible display justice . . . the twinkly lights on all the trees in galvanized antique pots, urns . . . ooh-la-la!!!

Chandeliers fit for a queen throughout the store--I'm feeling faint!!!
xo Debi

Thursday, November 5, 2009


At the recommendation of FRENCH ESSENCE, we viewed "Le Grand Bleu", starring Jean Reno (Frenchman as Italian)--I fell totally in love with this darling little, perfectly rusty, vintage Fiat 500 . . . look at the trailer!!

Okay, so not totally functional for those of us hauling treasured junk across the countryside.  This 1957 promo-photo presents the little Fiat in a totally different light.  Somehow, the juxtaposition of the promo versus the rusty, crusty one embraces the whole vintage passion movement . . . the appreciation of the old, the broken-down-but-still-standing thing.  (Kinda like me!)

This photo is a riot . . . reminds me of the ever-present challenge of fitting everything into limited spaces in preparation for the caravans to antique shows!!

Ah, yes, I wanna be a Ferrari when I grow up . . . .!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yes, this is late . . . but my batteries needed recharging after the last Portland Expo Show.

Flea markets, junk events & shows are unique experiences--one is always different in some way than the next.  But one thing is consistent:   I have a great time seeing so many wonderful customers & dealers alike! 

It seemed the overall tone of the show was conservative, but select items were still being plucked from the beautiful mix available, as always!

This totally charming customer was not one of the "conservative" ones, thank goodness!   Doesn't she look AWESOME in my Las Vegas showgirl head-dress!?  It really should have gone home with her . . . she could truly carry it off!!

My booth was brimming and not very photogenic, as I combined the trip with moving out of Splendid in Sellwood.  I was very sad to make this decision, but it was biting off more than I could chew taking a mall space so far away from Bellingham.  I totally LOVE Stars & Splendid, both the people and the shops.  "I'll be back" . . . to spend money, no doubt!!  Thanks to Darwin, Brent, Gayle & Marolyn for letting me give it a go--you're the nicest people!