Monday, March 30, 2009


. . . scurrying from Lynden to Sand Point with no layover!  This was one talent-packed show with some great finds for everyone.  From my new neighbors, Deb & B0b Kennedy of Retreat Design (check out their blog on my side-bar--she updated last night!) to my Portland friends Joe & Jermonne of Barn House (practically a house-hold name in blogland), Cindy the Queen of Tarte, the incomparable Linda of LULUZ, greatest guys JOHN/BOB, the ever-popular Ageing Fancies . . . the list goes on and on!!!  If you didn't go, you missed out.

The most wonderful, lovely blogger--Kimberly Taylor of mimicharmonte dropped by to introduce herself and take a few photos.  Thanks Kimberly for the recognition, and YOU are in my blog too!!  My only regret was not being able to take more time to speak with you during the show.

You wouldn't know by looking at this photo how incredibly chilly-willy it was yesterday.  But we're an amazingly hearty bunch who will endure all odds in search of that next little gem.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this "diamond-in-the-rough" show.  Bear in mind, it IS a diamond . . . and we are the polishers!!

Many thanks to Deb & Bob Kennedy for making room in their trailer for a few of our pieces (our cup runneth over with love . . . and several items Jim didn't want me to buy!).  

Just a couple of days to regroup and we're off to Mt. Vernon for the big  Skagit County Fairgrounds Antique, Craft & Flea Market.  If you didn't make it to Sand Point, head north this weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ormolulu in Snohomish - Update

In between Lynden and Sand Point Shows, I dropped by my space at Faded Elegance in Snohomish to perk it up a bit.  The vintage wire bin on the left is full of double-wide, Jeffrey Stevens "to-the-trade-only" exquisite Fleur de Lis wallpaper.  The pale gold diamond weave is interspersed with soft red Fleur de Lis, and this beautiful wallpaper is washable!  

My favorite mascot, a plaster "Birth of Venus" statue is great for garden room decor.  The silver Art Deco torchiere provides dramatic uplight.  

Echoing the garden theme is a metal, trellis shelf . . . perfect for kitchen, bath or garden!

Drop by Faded Elegance to see what's new . . . more garden items to come!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lynden Craft & Antique Show - March 2009

The one, true thing that makes each and every show successful (no matter the $$) is the friendship we share with other, like-minded plunderers of vintage treasures!  Our quest is a shared passion that unites us and secures our happiness.  Here are just a few of these very gems!!

 JoDee (in the middle) of "Duchess" came with her friend Kat all the way from Vancouver, Washington.  Kat wasn't available when I snapped this beauty, but there may be a good one in their camera . . . if our busting-out-laughing photo shoot wasn't a total disaster!

Top-left is Sheila and her beloved and adorable Pepe Le Pew.  When they were in my booth, guess where all eyes were looking?  Pepe was "Best in Show"!!

Top right are vintage darlings Lindsey and Frannie of Bellingham.  Lindsey owns Penny Lane on Holly Street--a must see when you're in B'Ham!!  Frannie retired her shop across the street and now conducts estate sales.  She has an incredible collection of vintage clothing, which she beautifully displays on her person.

Bottom left is dear Peggy, a long-time devotee of professional antique sales (Sedro Woolley).  She and her husband recently "retired" (do you ever, really?!), and she was treating herself to a well-deserved outing with mutual friend, Pam (lower right).  We shared stories from many years past, and I always learn something new from Peggy!

Pam's thirst for knowledge and the thrill-of-the-hunt always result in carefully selected treasures for her home.  She has a great eye!

Last, but by no means least, is Mary Barker (lower middle photo), who has been with the Lynden Show since it's inception!  She owns Ranch Antiques in the county and sells at More Than Antiques in Lynden.  Mary is an expert in the field of antiques, with an enormous knowledge base for Native American pieces.  I adore her outspoken, humorous approach to life.  

My only regret is in not getting photos of many more friends, but I did actually have to work my booth, ya know!

It may not be spring outside yet, but it was a-bloomin inside the Lynden Craft & Antique Show!  Many wonderful, devoted customers turned out once again to bless this event.  Considering the economic wallop we've all had to deal with, there was business to be grateful for.

People were buying mostly "comfort" purchases, but some furniture, lighting and true antiques were still selectively plucked from the booths.  Investment-grade purchases seem to be on the back burner, but customers are still taking our business cards!

There is renewed interest in color--spring pastels in tune with nature's cycles are popping up!

Antique books, while looking good in the mix, were basically eye-candy this time.

 Wonderful new friends who inspired me at this show were JoDee and Kat of "DUCHESS"(Vancouver, WA).  They kept me in stitches, and I have a few more crow's feet to prove it!  JoDee plucked my newly acquired "Gin" crock . . . wouldn't you know it--my favorite!!

It was a bit early for an Easter theme, but had to have the bunny-stuff!!

Antique, yard-long pansies print in a pristine-perfect Victorian frame, old church sign from Snohomnish, spongewear, porcelain, architectural tie-backs from an old mansion.

Another spongewear jug, doll-head poking out of gorgeous Fenton rose bowl (looks kinda like it's coming out of an egg!), GIANT alabaster grapes (unusual gold color)

Victorian chromolithograph of girl-in-the-corner & sympathetic puppy!

Stunning black-and-white litho of girl with egg basket, lovely pair of oval-in-square frames, antique medical books, Italian glass candle holder (mid-century)

Charming, old medicine cabinet, pale transfare plates, Victorian antique books, plaster capital, decorating books
Hello Amy!