Thursday, May 10, 2012

M & M Antiques in Monroe, Washington

If you're going to be in Monroe this Friday, Saturday or Sunday, be 

SURE to stop into the new location for M & M Antiques 

at 123 Lewis.  It's easy to find--right off of Highway 2 in historic 

downtown Monroe (it was previously St. Vincent de Paul).

We're having a store-wide sale of 10% to encourage you 

to come take a look!   AND we'll be open until 9:00 p.m. on 

Friday night too!!!   New vendors--fabulous vintage

merchandise--and lots more room.  You're gonna

LOVE it!!!!!   I'll let the photos speak for themselves . . . .

Jim and I will be there on Friday and Saturday.  We've got THREE

booths to tempt you!  There is so much goodness in the shop,

you WON'T leave empty-handed!!!!  Come help us

celebrate the new location for M & M Antiques

and  Ormolulu . . . we can't wait to see you!!