Tuesday, November 30, 2010

* * * * D r e s s ~ F o r m s * * * *

"Passion" in *my* dictionary spells: D r e s s ~ F o r m !
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Over the years, I've had the pleasure of owning many different

forms of the art--both male & female, of course!

The dress form above is may all-time favorite . . . now under the loving care

of Patty from "Gathering" . . . this antique was the hardest to

part with--for obvious reasons!!!

Construction may be wicker . . .

(Lost content here and can't figure out how to replace it . . . sorry!!!)

. . . or perhaps leather and iron!!!

. . . . there's a strange appeal to the many and varied forms of

"human/especially female/physical shapes"

in the realm of *couture* . . . .

For me, a show is not complete with at least one torso, hand,

head, dress form or mannequin to

complete the display.

I seem to attract them like magnets . . . maybe it's

"The Secret"!!!!!!

Whatever "it" is, I feel blessed to have this art-form in

my repertoire. Many of these lovelies have been

sold . . . but a few are still at home!

If you're on the *hunt*, please drop me a line,

and I'll check to see if my "quiet little

family" can spare a member!

This post is in celebration of my ALL NEW HEADER, which Jim

patiently (?) helped me to reconstruct. The New Year

lies ahead . . . and I'm searching for better

and better ways to bring a world

of beauty to your life!!

Thanks once more to my kindred-spirit customers who

appreciate what I do and encourage me

to continue--even when it may

be difficult to stay the


The Holiday Season is in full swing . . . and the upcoming

as 2nd Saturdayz will be brimming with

amazing treasures for your holiday

gift shopping and lots of

good cheer!!!

PLEASE SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS . . . we are here for YOU!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

. . . more is more . . .

Just a quick trip to Pac Gal today . . . more goodies to

fill in every possible nook & cranny of my *real

estate* there. Yes, it's crowded--but

still looks pretty cool!

Since I don't have a locked case, my booth is filled with

medium and large merchandise for

the holiday shoppers . . . .

I forgot my camera *again* and so these photos are not the best,

but it's still fun to give you a peek at what's new.

With a nasty migraine chasing me all day . . . I couldn't bear to do any

holiday shopping (that was the plan after Pac Gal), so I'll

be "back out there" real soon! Wasn't it great

to have nice weather today?!!

* * * *

Next, I'll be posting about the December 5th Sand Point Antique & Design

Market, featuring a wide variety of great gifts and holiday decor!!!

Please remember to shop SMALL BUSINESS . . . and

shows provide one of the most intimate and

fun shopping experiences you can

find . . . with gifts you won't

find in any big-box


Sunday, November 21, 2010

. . . iced in, so might as well decorate!

With this icy weather, it was a very good excuse to

break out the eggnog, put on Christmas

music, and start the holiday

decorating (better

than cleaning,


Just worked on the enclosed front porch today. With the snow outside,

it made sense to bring the outdoor colors in . . . shades of white,

galvanized gray, pale gold, tarnished silver,

and muted, earthy browns grouped

in simple vignettes.

Taxidermy is always part of our seasonal decor,

and I just love this little, white goose

in front of the iron wreath

on the baker's rack.

This chippy, white Victorian door is just leaning

against the wall with a metal wreath

chock-full of holiday symbols.

The angel santos mimics

the rustic door


I don't now recall how many shows we displayed this gorgeous white

cabinet in . . . but I'm thrilled it didn't sell!! It's the

perfect backdrop to this artfully simple

grouping--but the dress form is

"dolled-up" just a bit!

* * *

. . . one room done well ahead of schedule.

Just LOVE "snow days" when

there's an excuse to do

what I want!!!

* * *

Hope you are staying warm and safe!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

. . . fluffing "Madison Park 14" at Pac Gal . . .

It's a serious investment . . . trekking my best merchandise

once a week to Pacific Galleries in Seattle.

And then . . .

somehow figuring out how to blend disparate treasures into

a look that's appealing to customers who either feel

enticed in a *split* second . . . or

they walk right on by.

To say that it's competitive is an understatement!

It's truly an honor to be among so many highly talented dealers

and designers . . . but it can be intimidating!

Here are a number of items that Jim and I have created together . . . truly

one-of-a-kind! The above photo shows our industrial sand-cast

mold paired with a nautical cleat--totally sculptural and

impressive as an architectural element. The

lamp on the reclaimed wood table

is an antique, converted oil lamp base (copper & iron)

. . . paired with a shade made from bed springs!!!

Behind that (leaning against the wall) is a custom-made pot-rack

(or barn-art!) commissioned for construction from antique

horse tack!!! The small lamp with a black and

white shade (second photo) was a *lemonade* feat,

the inspiration occurring after accidentally breaking

an antique seltzer bottle . . . voila!

I search constantly and travel ceaselessly to find unique, artful

finds that may not fit everybody's view of beautiful.

Maybe "beautiful ugly?" (Actually, that's

a term the French use!)

I remain happily obsessed with

the hunt. To make a living from such entrenched passion

is pure joy to me . . . it's truly hard work, which I

fortunately LOVE!!!!

* * * *

xoxo ~ Debi (from snowy Bellingham Bay!!!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2nd Saturdayz . . . moments of *JOY*!!!

Sometimes, the true definition of a "successful show" doesn't

necessarily lie in the profit margin. To make people

truly happy--people who "get it" about what

you have to offer--can bring the

greatest *JOY*

Please share my very best moment

One of my "unhappy" moments, however, was realizing I'd forgotten

my beloved camera . . . these cell-phone photos are fuzzy,

"color-crazy" and just not-up-to-snuff.

But . . . better than nada!!

REMEMBER, if you see something desirable . . . please

check with me to see if it's still available!!!

The incredible detail of this tiny, black Victorian

blouse is ASTONISHING!! The back

is just as amazing as the

front too!!!

I meant to show a picture of the shabby garden chairs

from Billie of Brocanteur Vintage, but it

didn't turn out . . . THANK YOU,

Billie for the *JOY*!

. . . large antique photo of beautifully dressed woman,

behind cast iron furnace grate (GREAT!).

Giant, red "Detecto" grocery scale (with metal *basket*)

. . . check out that FAB, shabby enamelware oval platter!

Look, Theresa . . . big angel wings, just like on your happily-flying

$100-dollar-bill!! You are an angel to me, and I'm so

glad you and Elias are HAPPY too!!!

JOHN/Bob's "toilet paper roll ornament" that I received from the swap

is pictured above . . . the metal boy figural in my

kitchen cabinet nook is holding the

ornament--thank you Bob,

it's PERFECT!!

* Oh, JOY *

Thank you dear Bobbie for the glitter star . . . a lovely surprise

at the end of a very tough couple of days-- oh *JOY*!

* * * *

Thanks to Linda, Debi, Geoff, and Frank (and Virginia for

*my* angel wings) for the hard work. These shows

don't happen without a LOT of effort by

promoters and vendors alike!

* * * *

PLEASE, dear customers . . . if you enjoy these fantastic shows,

continue to spend time with us and invest

in something you truly LOVE (like

Theresa & Elias did!)

* * * *

YOU, YOU, YOU are the reason we are here!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2nd Saturdayz in the BIG room!!!!!

Not known for doing things in a small way, we've decided to

enhance that image by going all out for the BIGGER

2nd Saturdayz Market on November 13th!

This AMAZING, gold leather, Chesterfield sofa will be making its debut!!!!

This classic beauty is so truly awesome . . . I almost can't stand it!!!!

"What's in your wallet?" Come prepared if you've been

searching for this hard-to-find sofa.

Christmas is in the house, Santa baby!!!

Signs are my one of my (numerous) passions, and these old,

porcelain enamel ones are tough to

find--so darling & cute!!!!

* * * got kids? * * *

White owl decoy, still seasonally PERFECT . . . especially

paired with little white (and natural) Christmas

trees . . . vintage stands in red and

green will be available.

Antique lanterns are great on the fireplace for the

holiday season! This fabulous piece has

two deep lenses--one is RED!

* * * *

There is a LOT of positive energy building for this show, and

I'm excited to be a part of it. We know you have

choices for how to spend your time

and hard-earned $$$.

* * * *

Feel the LOVE in store for you, and get excited for the

coming Holiday Season!!!!!!!

- - Please note our *new location* on the far-WEST wall - -

Friday, November 5, 2010

Holiday Open House at the Shed!

On the way to Seattle this afternoon, we stopped by to see Shirl at

The Shed in Smokey Point. She's having a warm and

wonderful open house just in time for the

nasty weather to make you crave

a spot by the fire.

Check her out on Facebook!

Be sure to stop by Sasafrass & Company for their

Grand Opening and Buy Word of Mouth too!

* * * *
(Still loving that candlestick . . . .)