Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lynden Craft & Antique Show - March 2008

The biannual Lynden show is one of my favorites.


The next Lynden show is in October '08 - see you there!


Corrine said...

Hey Gorgeous!
Walked by a certain window the other day and it looked so sad! I'm sure it missed you. . .you do the greatest merchandising around!!! Hope this blog gets the word out about your fabulous taste in exquisite treasures and your decorating ability.
Love You!

Peggy said...

Hi Sister! I love your web site and the great music! You have some wonderful treasures and I hope that you get lots of new customers. I especially like knowing where your next show will be. Ya just never know when I might show up! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debi --
Congratulations! This is a great website, full of good surprises. I like the layout and the ease of navigation.
I adore the music...;-)

I loved cruising through your virtual store!
Thanks for making me aware of it!

Cleveland, OH