Thursday, January 15, 2009

INDECISION '09 . . .

With the passing of the holiday season, I find myself in an abnormally "paused" condition regarding the New Year.  I recognize (and also experience personally) the pressures on Americans to severely moderate their budgets and carefully assess where dollars are spent on a priority basis.  To me, beauty in my surroundings is just NOT an option--it's a necessity!  Just like the air I breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat, and sleep each night, my soul requires the nurturing I feel when my surroundings wrap their loveliness around those I love.   The great sense of satisfaction I gain when helping others to achieve beauty in their lives is indescribably delicious!
Vintage/antiques have long held a face of fascination that I want to gaze into forever.  It's the highest form of recycling and is good to the earth and our collective souls.  I've long believed the mess we are in as a species has sprung from our ridiculous over-manufacturing, over-developing, over-greedying pressures to consume.  Having said that, everyone needs to make a living, of course.  But I'm stumped and remain on "pause" for awhile longer, seeking inspiration from a quiet place inside me.  I doubt that I'm alone, but I sometimes feel alone.  Rather than my usual flurry of planning for this year ahead, I'm settling in to my discomfort, hoping to find a path through the maze ahead.
As I do this, I count my many blessings . . . oddly even the blessings of turmoil and discontent that have always been the seeds for my renewal.  Being a sensitive sot at times, I must also appreciate the people who have not wished me well, not wanted me to succeed.  For in those moments of self-doubt my path has become strengthened.  I can have--and deserve--a life filled with love and happiness.
To that end, I thank my friends, my family, my mate and his children, my fantastic customers who have become the dearest of friends, and my relationship with God for providing unceasing prodding so that I DO appreciate what has been given to me (even if I didn't appreciate it at the time!).
I will get "back to business" soon . . . I have my new friends, Amy and Kris from Todays Country Store in Sumner, to thank for a sorely needed boost.  They have the most charming, beautiful shop that you MUST go see!  You can also catch them at the upcoming Puyallup Fairgrounds Antique Show from January 31 - February 1.  Check out their blog (under my "Inspirations").
. . . to be continued!!! 

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Gardenia said...

I just love you and I love your music and I love the words you express and I too will surround myself with beautiful things but mostly, beautiful people like you to share life with. Your friend forever...