Friday, April 17, 2009


. . . think outside the box!  

Have you ever had an item that just wouldn't sell?  Well, here is our boat anchor--quite literally, as these swim lockers (which I think are VERY cool) weigh a ton!

When I first found them, they wouldn't fit into our van and were too heavy for the top of the Jeep.  So, we purchased a trailer (which we needed anyway) to pick them up and haul them to an antique show.  

They did not sell.  

So . . . we took them to Conway Antiques where (guess what?) . . . they did not sell.

So . . . we put them on Craig's List and found a buyer!  Hooray . . . oops, buyer "disappeared." 

Now, it's getting serious--these heavy lockers need to be dealt with. They're taking up too much room in the trailer, and the thought of lifting them again is overwhelming!  Hmm . . . think outside of the box--TA DA!!  Of course . . . take off the doors!  Here is Daniel (my step-son) using power tools.

Turn convention on its side . . . voila, instant shelf unit!

So . . . I took the cool doors to an antique show, and guess what?


They didn't sell for $5.00 each.   
I couldn't believe it . . . garden art anyone?

So . . . thinking outside of the box, once again . . . BOXES!!!

We don't have the boxes completed yet, but here are the stages unfolding . . . from "boat anchor" swim lockers, to doors removal, to languishing doors, to "do you think we could turn these into boxes"?

Stay tuned for the final result!   NEVER GIVE UP!!!


Barn House said...

We bet it sells at your very next show! It was definitely a cool piece, and we tooootally see why you kept it in it's original state for so long. BUT, your modification looks awesome!

Queen of Tarte said...

Fantastic result... And yes we all have those "boat anchors"...xo Cindy

Peggy said...

SISTER...what a great idea that you came up with. I hope that this does the trick. Thinking of you...Peggy

Amy'svintagecottage said...

Geeze! Your Amazing!
Love the shelf unit idea!

Amy'svintagecottage said...

Hi Girl!We gave you an award! Go to our blog to see.

Linda B said...

When I first saw that unit, I thought, yarn display! Take off the doors, paint it shabby, and it's in my store. Have you totally dismantled it?

Funky Junk Sisters said...

You are one smart cookie!

Linda & Dixie
THe FUnkY JuNK SiSTers