Sunday, June 21, 2009

PROJECTS . . . .

Okay, repurposing geniuses  . . . I bought TWO of these unusual, round W/C tanks from Virginia at Sand Point some months back (what was I thinking?!).  Originally, I had envisioned some kind of wrought iron stands and turn them into "garden vases" or fountains?  Still chewing on it.  IDEAS, anyone???  (Come on Beth and Lisa--gotta hear what you see for these porcelain beauties!)

Now HERE'S a project we can handle.  Purchased these way cool, metal shades from Luluz at Funky Junk Sisters . . . stay tuned for pendant kitchen lights!

Duckie has a "splitting" headache!   (No, Daniel, this is not duck torture; and no animals were harmed in this repair sequence.)  Sometimes allergic rhinitis makes me feel like this duckie looks, though--no air through the beak and a vice on my head!!!!

Here's one of my FAVORITE signs in the kitchen . . . but, really, this post is about the chalkboard we are building into the wall below it.  Several years ago Jim busted a big hole in this wall, expecting to "expand" the kitchen--yeah, right!  So, I got tired of the lace tablecloth hung over the whopping hole--found a great piece of antique slate blackboard and an old frame.  We're progressing.  No hole and prep work is done for the heavy slate piece, once it's cut to size.  Then on goes the antique framing . . . stay tuned!!!

Please ignore the mess behind this--construction zone too (future pantry)!!!

Antique frame sitting on radiator, awaiting custom fitting . . . .
(Ridge St. sign perched for temporary visual interest)

Our dining room runneth over with new inventory selections amassing for the PORTLAND EXPO and BARN HOUSE FLEA MARKET upcoming shows (see sidebar).  We digressed to projects, cuz something FUN was needed to break up all the unpacking (from the first-ever Funky Junk Sisters Show), new inventory selection and cleanup, and the repacking process . . . ah, the glamour--the glamour!).   We're definitely taking the trailer this time--boy howdy!!!!


junkrescuerbeth said...

Hi Debi,

Those toilet tank are beauties! But I'll have to ponder the possibilities for their upcycling for a bit.Love the metal lamp shades you got from Luluz.

Beth of Salvage Studio

Barn House said...

Looks fantastico! Save all your best stuff for us!!! :o)

Designer Junk Finder said...

So nice to read your blog..great posts!!
I am lovin these pendant kitchen lights!Let me know when you have them priced.(remodeling our kitchen)
Farm Chicks was a blast.Took me 4 days to recover.Whew,still all packed up.
The bust from I Magnin, price?
Take care,

Designer Junk Finder said...

Can't wait to see those pendants.