Monday, December 7, 2009

Sand Point Market . . . . Happy Holly-Daze!!

It takes very special people to set up such a beautiful, creative, holiday presence (combined with generous amounts of good-natured tenacity) in the face of known frigid temperatures. Hale and hearty vendors and customers alike shared in a community of spirit this past Sunday that lit up the room like a Christmas tree!!!

Words of thanks are inadequate to express the gratitude we felt for the loyal customers who displayed their continued appreciation of our work by showing up. Here are a few glimpses of my booth. Unfortunately, I fractured a bone in my foot and couldn't walk as much as I would have liked . . . the displays by other vendors were just fantastic!

As usual, I brought too much merchandise. But to me, "anything worth doing is worth over-doing" (Mae West)!! Many treasures are gone--and some will be moving on to my space at Pacific Galleries (once I can get my shoes back on, that is!).

It's rather difficult to determine what might sell at any given show. We all have our ups and downs. I'm prone to a bit of this angst prior to every show, despite over 20 years in the biz. For example, I was certain my red dress forms would fly this time . . . not! (I love their timeless appeal nevertheless.)

Lacking the repurposing talents of folks like Salvage Studio, Luluz, John/Bob Cool Stuff, Great Findz, Garden Party & Retreat, I tread the path of uber huntress and display maniac . . . traveling far & wide for the unusual. Seems like every time I've tried to "make" anything, it never sells (or takes forever).

Pretty customer . . . trying to keep warm!

Vintage Christmas ornaments . . . still have a few left!!

This is Dennis Eros, the nicest show promoter. If you ever have Native American art/artifacts, he's your go-to-guy! Thanks for a good year at Sand Point in Seattle, Dennis!

Ah, the last show of 2009 . . . dim the lights, light the candles, enjoy the holidays and family celebrations ahead. May the combined reflective and sometimes frenzied weeks ahead bring true meaning and happiness for you in the coming New Year!

As the days ahead shorten, I'll be more pensive, seeking ways to breathe new life and soul into my passionately-chosen, road less traveled . . . a path I could not find without YOU!

Thanks for sharing my crazy 2009. Your friendship and inspiration have been invaluable, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!!

Love & Hugs,



AuroraSuzette said...

Sorry to hear about your foot, Debi. Hope you'll be healed in time for Christmas!

junkrescuerbeth said...

Your space at Sand Point was jam-packed with so many splendid gems. It seems there is never enough time during a show to admire the other vendors' displays. But I'm certainly not complaining that those customers kept us entertained last Sunday! Happy holidays to you!

Beth of Salvage Studio

GardenGirl said...

Hi Debi!
Your booth was have an amazing eye! Sand Point was great, and fun to see everyone before Christmas...

Have your Merriest;)
Deb @ Garden Party

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hi Debi, hope to see you soon.
Stay warm!!!
Julie, Kindred Roses

Anonymous said...

Debi , You are a better vendor than I - I hate to be cold. I don't like it too hot for that matter !:0) But we do what we have to do 'cause we Love it.

The Flying Bee said...

Hi Debi!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I had such a great time at Monticello's! Everyone was so great! I wish I would have known about Sand Point when I was in Seattle...maybe I could have gone. Oh, and I just read your post on Christianson'! Such a beautiful place!

Take care,