Sunday, May 30, 2010


Many thanks to all the happy customers who
kept us rocking in Langley this weekend!!

Ann Flynn . . . you really knocked it out of
the ballpark--excellent turnout and congrats
on attracting new talent to your charming
show. It was a well-rewarded effort and a
really fun time with some of the nicest
people in the biz.

Only three days to completely unload and
reload for the legendary FARM CHICKS
Show in Spokane . . . gonna need plenty of
caffeine and Wheaties (nah, forget it--chocolate!!)

Preview coming soon . . . .

xo Debi


Sister Patty said...

Oh my gosh -- Debi, your photos are phenomenal! I don't really feel sorry for you having to unload because I doubt that there's much stuff left after that show! Did you sell that white patio set? That is adorable! Talk to you soon!


Hi Debbie,

What a wonderful sale! So many fabulous vintage items, it was over the top! Your booth was spectacular, love the metal numbers and letters oh and the galvanized tub with the wooden handles.

Were you really up at midnight last night after that action packed weekend? Have fun at Farm Chicks,
John and Brenda ~ Circle Creek Home

Anonymous said...

Hi Debi
I always pack the chocolate first - then the merchandise. You just have to prioritize , right?
See you Friday

BuNgAlOw BaY said...

Hey Debi :) looks gorgeous as always! See ya at Farm Chicks...