Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas update . . . Pacific Galleries

What resonates in your heart for Christmas?  For me, it's always

been anything ANGEL!  When joining the "Blue Birds"

(pre-"Campfire Girl") as a child, I was elated when

the troop selected my idea of "Angels" as our

troop name . . . Blue Bird Angels!

I've also always had a thing for anything "candle" . . . and

frequently drew candles on my home-made

Christmas cards to family & friends.

These tiny village houses and little gnomes filled my

heart with wonder . . . I loved staring at

the tree for hours--still do!!!

The all-out elegance of the season is reflected (quite literally)

in the mirrored-mosaics on this hand-carved

deer . . . GIANT champagne bottle

needs no explanation,

right?  Of course

it's empty!

The silver horn is a Boy Scouts Bugle.  The antler, meat-carving

set on the left has sterling cuffs; the carved-bone set on the

right is made to look like elk-hooves!!!!!!!

The heavy, standing crucifix is so

unique . . . enamelware

over cast iron!

There are hanging metal baskets for your porch greenery,

as well as wicker baskets that work very 

well for small, live trees--or

 fill with pinecones for

the fireplace.

Le Poulet is only one of several gorgeous

taxidermy birds in my booth.

Perfect *winter* decor

for months to


Imagine snuggling by the fire in this gorgeous,

antique wing chair--I love the

exaggerated lines!!

A gift for that someone who has absolutely EVERYTHING?

How about this vintage "Ride RUDY" mercantile

amusement ride????  Please come visit my

booth--Madison Park 14--at Pacific

Galleries in Seattle.  I'll keep

adding  even  MORE

holiday decor . . . 



LuLu Kellogg said...

I LOVE that Ride Rudy!!!

I hope your Holidays are full of Love and Magic!


GypsyFleur said...

Beautiful blog...LOVE Christmas Canon. YOur blog brought a big smile to my face...gorgeous

Martha's Favorites said...

What a wonderful blog. Just found you and I am your newest follower. Have a great New Year's! Blessings, Martha

Ivy and Elephants said...

Love your style. Wish I were closer so I could shop with you.
I'll have to be content to watch from here through your gorgeous pictures.
Well wishes for the new year.