Monday, January 16, 2012

Contentment . . . home respite before the *show season* begins!

With the snow softly falling and a *bug* to hold me down,

I'm appreciating contentment at home.

The impending *show season* arrives on January 25th,

as we hit it big with the TACOMA HOME

& GARDEN SHOW (see sidebar

for all the details).

Thankfully, we got the rigs all packed before the bad

weather struck . . . so I can actually relax for

a change.  I'm happy to focus on the bounty

surrounding us at home.  More and

more, I'm drawn by the organic and natural.

What is more beautiful and inspiring than Mother Nature's

hosts of textures, forms, layers, patinas, 

colors, debris and decay?!

My love of all things vintage and old combine so seamlessly

with *gifts* from this astonishing earth!

The house-cleaning can wait, the messy closet will still be there;

and I'm at peace with this brief, restful moment.

Lack of energy has it's benefits--I'm busy

healing . . .  and am content with

that all by itself!


Florence said...

Continue to heal my friend! Hugs! Florence

LuLu Kellogg said...

Feel better!!