Friday, March 9, 2012

Lynden Craft & Antique Show: An Ormolulu Retrospective . . . .

We are CELEBRATING!!!!  Over 12 years ago, we entered the

vintage show circuit by joining the Lynden Craft and
Antique Show in Lynden, Washington.

Didn't have a *clue* how to do 

a proper show setup!!! 

Nevertheless, Judy and Trudy--the sweetest show promoters

anywhere--gave us an "Honorable Mention" ribbon

for our setup.  Truly, our booth didn't 

deserve that ribbon, but the 

encouragement they

gave us was a


Year after year, we've come back to their show, trying

to do a better job of merchandise/display of our

vintage and antique wares.  There's been

a lot of trial and error--probably

mostly *error*, LOL!!!!!!

* * * *

These show veterans really know how to treat people.

And  that's  why we  keep  coming  back!!!

Judy & Trudy are kind, loyal and true

friends who care deeply about

their vendors and their


This is a sweet, traditional show, based on traditional values. 

We can always depend on seeing the smiling faces

of friends  we've known through the years, 

even if it's the only time of year 

we ever see them!!!!

Judy and Trudy *ALWAYS* have a beautiful

luncheon buffet laid out for the hard-

working vendors to enjoy!!!

They understand how

much work goes

into setup!!!

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you join us too!!!! :o)

Well, I had four more pictures to load here; but

Blogspot has cut me off!  Check back for

new preview photos of what's coming

to the Lynden Show next week!!  

* * *

The *magic* starts next Thursday, and 

we'll have our most amazing

display yet.  Join us!!!


GardenGirl said...

a sweet show ;) see you there!
<3 deb

Ormolulu said...

Miss you, Miss Bock!!! <3

Ormolulu said...

Oops, Mrs.!!!! (That's what I get for tryin' to be *cute* LOL!!!!!


Judy said...

Can't wait to see your artistic talent come to life this next week.

Your displays are works of art.

Sister Patty said...

The photos are fabulous... can't imagine what the real thing looks like!!!

kitchen tables said...
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