Thursday, July 17, 2008

Portland EXPO, Portland, OR - July 2008

Batting 1000 in the photo department . . . this time I forgot to bring the camera to the Portland EXPO!  Hard to update my blog without it, eh?!  I shared a booth with my friend, Tina West--the energetic owner of Hollywood Antiques in Portland--and her friend of 30 years, Pat (from Spokane).  Great company such as this makes the hours go by sweeter when things inevitably slow down.  Wish you could have seen Pat holding the old ventriliquist doll (Charlie McCarthy?) and singing out tunes together with the antique gramophone.  (Customers going by were taking pictures of her!) Thank you Tina and Pat for sharing!   

Unfortunately, in my haste to unpack at home, I turned over my ankle and bit the concrete with a mighty thud . . . sprained foot and ankle are definitely slowing me down.  Nevertheless--Shipwreck Day this Saturday in beautiful Anacortes . . . here we come!  I shall NOT forget my camera this time!!

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