Sunday, July 20, 2008

Shipwreck Day, Anacortes, WA - July 2008

Of all the "ship wreckage" we brought to the event, Ali the alligator (or Croc the crocodile--not sure which) got the most attention . . . and sold right away.  Wish we had five of them--he was in high demand!

The beauty of Shipwreck Day is that no one expects your setup to be artistic--this is, after all, a "wreck" sale.  We had to arise at 3:00 AM (have no memory of that now) to get to Anacortes by 5:30 AM.  Open the trailer and throw the stuff literally onto the street.  Customers were mobbing us by 6:00, so it was not my best effort.  Actually, it was a relief to not be so fussy about setup.

It was a perfect, cool morning which transformed into afternoon bright sunshine.  We had NO shade and were baking (or should I say melting)!  

Holding strictly to my determination NOT to buy anything (sniff, sniff), I'm going through withdrawal at not being able to hunt for goodies.  Must admit, the sprained ankle kept me shipwrecked more than my goal to just merchandise this time.  I think I need a 12-step program!

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