Monday, September 15, 2008

Monticello Premier Fall Event, Portland, OR-Sept/Oct 2008

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year . . . brilliant-blue skies, sunshine that doesn't make you miserable and cool, invigorating nights.  I seem to feel more alive and energetic--which is a good thing, cuz that energy was needed to make the long drive to Portland, unpack the van, unpack all those boxes and begin the frenzy of making sense out of all those beautiful but eclectic, vintage items.  If you're a dealer, you KNOW what it's like.  I always worry it will be a mess . . . but, in the end, it somehow came together!

This is my first venue with Monticello, a place of magical beauty and the bestest people around! The dealers are talented and competitive--yet still manage to be congenial and helpful.  The hard part is not spending myself into a coma . . . so many pretties!

While I normally try to comment on each photo, I have soooo many they'll just have to speak for themselves.  I included a few photos of my neighbors:  Joe and Sue, Isabel and Lisa, Julie, and Joyce . . . WOW! 

If you have any questions, let me know.  ENJOY!!


Peggy said...

Debi, WOW!! It looks like a lot of wonderful goodies - a shoppers delight! I am glad that you had a great time and met some great folks. Missing my sister.


monticelloantiques said...

Hey Debi! You have a great eye for design and it shows in your pictures! We're happy to have you as a guest exhibitor at Monticello. Joyce

Dennis said...

Hi, Debi. Will you come and decorate my antique auction on November 13th? We have great material and can use your great eye.

Dennis Eros