Sunday, August 17, 2008


Our beloved show promoter, Dennis Eros!

Whew--what a whirlwind these one-day shows are!!  Sand Point was a ton of work and a ton of fun, and many of the dealers had a good show.   Some of my photographs did not turn out, so I apologize to those of you not represented here.  Kelly Miles of "Kitsch Bitsch" had a fabulous booth but the photo was too dark.  Tall guy by the swim caps (Kelly's booth) . . . photo not up to snuff either.

We seemed to have more dealers this time, and the variety of 
wares was fantastic!  Thanks to 
all the wonderful customers who toughed out the strange flux of weather . . . from mild and sunny move-in, to hot and humid at mid-day, ending in a torrential downpour (move-out of course).

The famous LULU from Seattle was here--great display and her ever-popular bubble jewelry on parade.  Check out her fantastic blog:

Anna Iverson with her own
creations and vintage items
Bobbie, Bobbie, Bobbie
had a GREAT show!

The Divine Miss Dawn!

My friends, Cheryl and Margaret (a wee bit camera shy) with perennially fabulous finds!

Kate Hanson, redhead extraordinaire and camera shy, sharing booth with Tom Trubshaw of Ageing Fancies

"JOHNBob cool junk" had a booth spilling with vintage treasures--very nice guys too! 


Barn House said...

Oh, we know all about the crazy summer season! What are we all going to be doing in the winter??? I know I will be curled up with a hot-tottie catching up on all the sleep I missed out on. :o)


KitschBitsch said...

Thanks for the mention! Darn the swim cap photo did not turn out-we'll capture it next time. Love your photos - keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

As usual, my dear friend, you have an exquisite use of space and that beauty you radiate is displayed for all the world to see! And we can each enjoy the art and beauty that you so magnetically attract and surround yourself with and share with us. Merci!