Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sand Point Show . . . Let it SNOW?!

. . . symbolically, of course!!
Weather permitting, I'll be joining Santa and his steed (where's the reindeer?) on Sunday, December 6th . . . our final Sand Point Antique & Design Market in Seattle for 2009.

Here's an additional preview of what's in store for you hearty shoppers searching for the best and most unique Christmas/holiday treasures you can find . . . and you don't have to show up at 4:00 in the morning (8:00 please early birds)!

This stunning antique etching from Italy is the most beautiful depiction of the Holy Family I've ever come across. Imagine this above your mantel with a giant wreath surrounding it!

Whimsical touches of 1950's hand-made ornaments are bright and cheery for those who love the lights and colors of the Holiday Season!

With a little "Imagination" . . .

. . . you may spot multiple locations for your Santas collection around the house. I have collected a ridiculous number of Fabriche "Possible Dreams" santas--they find their way inside bookcases, on kitchen shelves, in a wreath or swag, on the table. I love their totally charming faces which harken back to fond memories of my childhood in the 50's & 60's.

Vintage, brass stencils tied up in bows create unique ornaments and look fabulous on this little, white bottlebrush tree . . . note the tulle wedding veil around the bottom of the tree--all placed on a stunning, antique silver footed tray!!

Did I say 50's & 60's . . . funky fun tulle wreath?!

This is truly the tip of the iceburg (hope not literally)!! I'll have silver, crystal, chrome, giant three dimensional metal letters, unique baskets to hold presents, vintage drums, deer, elk, ice skates, chandeliers, lamps, church windows and old trunks . . . .

Keep moving to stay warm and join us for more than a little Christmas Cheer!!

p.s. If there are treasures in my postings you'd like to have or know more about, just e-mail me with your questions--always happy to hear from you!!


Sister Patty said...

Hi Debi!

All of your photos are wonderful! Why am I sitting in my shop waiting for customers -- I could be at home digging through boxes to find all my Christmas treasures! I love the tulle wreath; is that old or one of your magical creations?

Hope to see you at Sand Point! Supposedly the weather is going to be good... but we all know how that can change in a matter of minutes!

Thanks again!

Deborah Burton said...

Hey Patty,

So good to hear from you--thanks for the nice comments!

The tulle wreath is definitely mid-century. Hope to see ya Sunday!!