Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Just one day after Inauguration of our new President, I'm filled with hope for our country and the bright future that lies ahead.   It's thrilling to see renewed spirit and motivation in people all across the USA!  Hard work lies ahead for us all, but hey--we're worth it!!!

Speaking of renewed spirit, I'm so excited to be joining Kimberly at Faded Elegance in Snohomish.  This has been one of my favorite shops for years, and I'm so glad to be a part of this talented team of people.  You owe it to yourself to check it out if you haven't been there recently . . . makes you feel fantastic, just walking in.  Merchandise changes FREQUENTLY, so go back FREQUENTLY!

Italian Tole "Birdcage" Chandelier (closeup)

Crystal Empire-Style Chandelier, Carved Teak Table, French Tapestry . . . .

Vintage print - Redcoats in Tudor Home after the Hunt

Vintage Silver (pheasants card receiver), Copper (crysanthemums),  & Crocheted "Popcorn" Coverlet

Black Amethyst Glass - Vintage Ashtray with Schnauzer Dog

Italian Nesting Tables in a YUMMY color palette of silver & cream; Milkglass Budoir lamps

Darling Cherub Figural, Table-top Mirror (see Kimberly in reflection!), Hotel Silver

One of Kimberly's (many) amazing vignettes!


Violet said...

Hi Deborah, It was great to meet you and look at your lovely wares yesterday! What a beautiful inspiring shop!!! I love your style.

Amy McCoy said...

Hi Debi,
what a beautiful store and how exciting for you! It's been a long time since I've been to Snohomish, now I have an excuse to go.

DivaDeb said...

Miss Debi, we are SO thrilled to have you in Faded Elegance - and right across the asile from us, too! Your space is gorgeous!

PS: Faded Elegance has a blog! Check out

Pamela said...

Best Wishes on your new space!
Love Pam & Neil

Kimberly said...

Thank you, for being a part of the Faded Elegance team. You are a fabulous and talented addition to the store.
Your blog is beautiful!!!