Wednesday, July 29, 2009


By now, the blogosphere is ablaze with kudos for Joe & Jermonne, the legendary Barn House Boys. This was a not-to-be-missed event, featuring the best of the best. EVERYONE pulled out all the stops! Since I was in the barn most of the day (and completely exhausted at the end), I must rely on the many talented photographers who captured the big picture (and what a BIG picture it was!). Check out Shabbyscraps, Mimi Charmante, Retreat, Barn House (of course), Bella Shabby, Maison Douce, Bird Tweets, Little Byrd, Vintage Sparrow . . . well, you know the list goes on and on!! This must be the hardest-working group of people on the planet, and their talent is beyond inspirational!!!


Anonymous said...

Your strawberry tartlets were simply the best! Is it a secret family recipe? I'd love to make some if its not. I saw your booth at Splendid - it was , well , SPLENDID!! Sue

Deborah Burton said...

Sweet Sue--thanks! I made up the recipe: use your favorite pie crust recipe and cut with biscuit cutter for tiny tarts (bake at 375 10-15 mins). Be sure to prick the crust--mine almost exploded in the oven--oops!! Filling was simply softened cream cheese, Cool Whip "real" cream (one-to-one ratio), juice of one lemon and some gratings from peel, mix and add to prebaked, cool pie shells. Top with freshly chopped strawberries sweetened to your liking. Top with strawberries dipped in white and/or semi-sweet chocolate melted with some butter and enough condensed milk to best "dipping" consistency. Sorry, but I truly did shoot from the hip on that recipe. Trust your instincts and let'er rip!

Thanks for complimenting my booth--but that was a FAST and furious move-in (needed to get back to Bellingham). LOVE the people at Stars--have known them for over 20 years!

xo Debi

time-worn interiors said...

Great photos! I want to go to the Barn House sale so bad! One of these days!