Sunday, July 5, 2009


Two really great events coming up, back-to-back . . . first, the enormous PORTLAND EXPO on July 10-12. This is a new location in Hall E (well lit & AIR CONDITIONED!). Please come find me on row E 24 & 25. Treasure beyond measure will be your pleasure--I guarantee it!!!

It will take no convincing for devotees to come to the continually exciting BARN HOUSE Flea Market on Saturday, July 18. This is gonna be a barn-burner of a sale . . . speaking of which, please find me on the left side of the barn! I've got some amazing rusties, farm chic, and elegant Frenchie show-stoppers!!!!

With all the intricate packing needed for two shows and the necessity of planning far ahead of time, I neglected photos. What a scatterbrain!!! So, really, this is just a thumbnail of what's in store!!

I've been hoarding some fantastic garden/shabby/industrial items you won't want to miss!!

Garden furniture, mid-century AWESOME umbrella, great props for your summer parties . . .

My "biggie" is an antique French, white-painted cupboard--clean, classic lines for modern living--all the magazines show this kind of killer focal point in a room. Not fussy . . . just ideal!!

French gathering baskets, old scales, chandeliers, silver trays . . . well, I CAN'T keep everything!

"No bull" (well, actually there WILL be one!) . . . this is gonna be an experience that will make your heart sing--and we all need a bit of that now, don't we?! My amazingly talented dealer buddies are working to bring you the divine as well, so PLEASE DON'T MISS THESE FABULOUS SHOWS!!!


junkrescuerbeth said...

Good luck with all that tricky packing. We will miss both shows. Boo Hoo! Darn those pesky business commitments of ours. I'm sure you will have an over the top fantastic time.

Beth of Salvage Studio

Mary Larsen said...

Hope the show was a success. How is your hand? Burns can be so painful.

Gayle said...

Debi--Really fun to see you again!! I'm sure you had a good show...(if you ever had time from selling to set it up)

I may see you at Barn House....

Gayle from Stars

Annie said...

Debi hope you had a great show in Portland despite your hand injury. Hope it's doing better.

Looking forward to seeing you at Hot Blogust Nights blog party on August 8th. Hope you can make it.