Monday, August 24, 2009

. . . a few projects completed . . .

This complex, Victorian scraps decoupaged trunk was scuffed and scraped all over.  The obvious love and attention to detail that the original craftsperson put into this is amazing!  

A small paintbrush, lots of patience, raw umber paint, dab-dab-dab, a bit of over-lacquer . . . what a thing of beauty!  I'm not very talented at making anything, but I do enjoy some restoration.  This was particularly gratifying.  Does it look over 100 years old? 

It's taken us awhile to get back to the chalkboard project--was searching for just the right moulding to trim the top of it.  From, quite literally, a big hole in the wall to antique slate chalkboard for our kitchen . . . now our "to do" list can't be ignored!  

before (well, actually after hole was filled in) . . .

. . . and happily every after!

Does anybody know how to clean old slate?  The chalk adheres to all the pits and dings in the slate.  Can it be painted over with chalkboard paint without ruining the slate?  Would appreciate any advice from amazing do-it-yourselfers out there!!

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Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

LOVE the trunk!!! Fabulous shape!! Tootles, Janna