Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mt. Vernon Antique, Craft & Flea Market

On the absolutely most beautiful weekend possible, the Mt. Vernon Antique, Craft & Flea Market was held at the Skagit County Fairgrounds. We were competing for the public's attention against Glenn Beck being given "Keys to City" (hey, our mayor wanted--as a comical retaliatory gesture--to give Bellingham's city keys to John Stuart which, unfortunately, didn't happen); competing with the City Street Faire; and competing with the Oyster Run (motorcyclists' annual pilgrimage to Anacortes).

While both vendor and customer attendance were down, this event continues to be a great place to unearth some pretty cool, funky stuff. It's low key and relaxed, spread out between gorgeous outbuildings vastly improved over the years by the hard-working people at Skagit County Fairgrounds.

In general, displays are set out on tables garage-sale style for public perusal. It's always a "treasure hunt" and early buyers are happily rewarded for showing up at 8:00 AM.

There was every type of vendor from antiques and vintage to collectibles, to automotive stuff, to tools and other "guy" stuff, to garage sale junque, to hand-made wood working crafts, to crafted birdhouses, etc., etc., etc!!!!!

The problem with selling at this market (which I did in spades) was that I couldn't be out shopping. (Insert withdrawal groans here . . . .) DeBob grabbed a lotta good schtuff!!!

You never know what people are going to be drawn to. This particular market is a tough one in which to sell antiques/vintage treasures, as most people are looking for cheap, cheap, cheap. But a few select, eagle-eyed buyers knew that my items--while a bit higher priced than most vendors--were real bargains compared to many shop prices!

At the last minute, we added the giant Victorian over-mantle mirror to my booth (first photo above). I honestly didn't expect to sell something that major, but it found a home in Federal Way. The deliriously happy woman who spotted it, said she had been looking for "forever" and had given up hope of finding the perfect mirror. C'est magnifique--it fit within a hair's width into the back of her 4Runner . . . wow!!!

Well, not much turnaround time to get ready for the October 11th Sand Point Antique & Design Market, but I've snagged some great new items for you to see! Autumn and winter antiques are my favorite . . . so, as always, there will be a "horn-of-plenty" in my booth.


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Your space was GORJ, Debi! That incredible dressing table just floored me. BEAUtimous. Glad to hear you had a good day (darn that Glenn Beck anyway....). And yes, we DID snag quite a haul! You know what they say about the early bird.... (she's tired later....!)

See ya' at Sand Point!
Retreat by Kennedy|kennedy Design

Linda Q said...

Oh crum I missed another one but I was busy for good great reasons, son's wedding.
So next time, it looks like fun!

junkrescuerbeth said...

Your booth looks like it was jam-packed with all sorts of lovelies. Looking forward to seeing you at Sand Point!

Beth of Salvage Studio

Peggy said...

Very nice post, Debi. It looks like you have some nice goodies. You know, I especially like the pot of flowers!!

Love ya sis,

Florence said...

You did well in your displays, I wished I could of come, I was in the San Juans over the weekend, and yes the weather was great, and we did see all those motorcycles on the road when we came off the ferry at Anacortes on Sunday.

AuroraSuzette said...

I may make it to Sandpoint. Are you at FJS again? If so, I'll see you there for sure! I love that canvas tote thing w/ flowers in it. What is that?

Deborah Burton said...

Hey Susan--I will be at Sand Point with my antique post office sorter tote (canvas, wood & iron)! Can't do FJS . . . will be at the big Portland Expo Show. Look forward to seeing you!