Monday, October 12, 2009


Let's see a show of hands for who's the best in all the land . . .

. . . why, it's our loyal CUSTOMERS of course!!

Thanks so much to all of you hoo-hoo! turned out for the October Sand Point Show!!!

Without you, things would have been a fright--but, instead, were sunny and bright!!!

After 12 hours of set-up, our booth finally came together. We don't have the luxury of doing a trial run by setting up each new booth ahead of time. Ideas are drafted on a piece of paper, which always looks VERY different than expected!!

It's amazing how a jumbled mess can be turned into sweet poetry with the power of "cropping" . . . wish I could edit my life that easily!

At the end of this bustling one-day show, all we could think about was sitting down to a tall, cold one . . .

We're so doggone tired . . . this hound looks better than me today!! Just one day of recovery before reloading for the LYNDEN CRAFT & ANTIQUES SHOW this weekend. There will be more information on my next post.

I've decided to use the power of blog-land to send a message to the "takers" of the world. Someone is enjoying, free of charge, my Laurel Burch, red and gold "bamboo" earrings. Over the years, it's been hard to accept all the losses endured at the hands of dirty rotten scoundrels who can't seem to understand the pain they cause hard-working people when they steal. From now on, I'm going to post each time an item "disappears" and hope other bloggers will do the same . . . ya never know when an item that has been stolen will suddenly (hopefully) show up.

This awesome turquoise & sterling ring was stolen from me at another show recently. It's quite distinctive--very large with a leafy pattern surrounding two turquoise stones. It would be a welcome relief to receive "borrowed" items back . . . even if anonymously.

Thankfully, most customers are truly honest and kind . . . you make my world go 'round, and I sincerely appreciate your business, compliments and hugs!!

xo Debi

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AuroraSuzette said...

So sorry about your earrings, Deb. Hope it didn't spoil the day. See you soon!!