Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's "EGG WEEK" on Serena's blog at The Farm Chicks, so here's

a few of my favorite egg-related photos.

My Grandma Foshee, the old truck, the Oklahoma countryside, and

one of her earlier cakes made with lots of butter & eggs, of course!!

She became a professional baker--an early "entrepreneur" before

that word was part of the economic landscape.

Grandma made the most AMAZING goodies out of her home

and sold them to eagerly waiting customers:

hand-dipped chocolates, fudges, divinity, peanut brittle, almond roca (best on

the planet!), marshmallows (moist & gooey!),

wedding cakes (photos on another post).

Her back bedroom (unheated) was lined with shelves contained huge

glass jars filled with these goodies . . . you can imagine

what it was like to visit Grandma's house!!!!!

Here's a fantastic, very heavy, antique chocolate mold

with roosters!! (Grandma would have used this . . . . )

Yes, I repeat on these oat sacks, but aren't

they just fabulous with the roosters?!

Alabaster eggs look great on old silver (a few colored ones left too).

Rusty, old egg baskets and round bird cage.

YELLOW egg baskets (only 2 left)!!!

All this talk of eggs made me hungry, so here's a deviled egg from me to you.

I made them yesterday . . . and they are all gone now--YUMMY!!!

xo Debi


Florence said...

I love those egg gathering items, the baskets are great for lots of other things as well. The first photo is great. Thanks for sharing.

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Debi, thank you so much for your visit to our Petite Retreat on Sunday - we appreciate you coming all the way out to see us!

{You'll be at the Skagit, right???}
Deb @ Retreat