Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lynden Show "post" post . . . .

Counting my blessings, the Lynden Show was a wonderful time!

I saw many cheerful, old friends and made a few new ones.

There were literally THOUSANDS of people who came to eat, visit and shop

for treasures.

I extend my "hand" in thanks to all the loyal customers who returned to

make purchases from Ormolulu!!

Not many highway letters & numbers left (had over 100!) . . . .

This unique oil pan with bail handle is going into a gentleman's

kitchen to hold towels . . . what a great idea & space saver!

Thank you judges for awarding me an Honorable Mention

for attractively displayed booth . . . always feels good to be recognized

for all the hard work!!

This is what I am current NOT: "Ful-O-Pep"!!

Aren't these the best oat sacks . . . pillows?

Only one left!

This darling 1950's turquoise patio set was front and center.

Still looking for just the right deck/patio to hang out on . . . .

The antique etching of the dogs and their master is

over 100 years old! Woof, woof . . . goodbye!

Found this darling antique pram at More Than Antiques in Lynden . . .

the perfect container for my collection of nautical charts (only 6 left!).

As Easter approaches in celebration of the ressurection, it's a

wonderful reminder of how we are renewed through faith,

no matter the trials we may face.

One thing is for sure, most everyone I know is

going through something that may be very

challenging and hard to understand.

But we are connected in our struggles and will triumph

in our efforts to remain humane, kind and forgiving.


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Peggy said...

Hi Debi! You sure had some beautiful things at the Lynden Show. Could you send me a separate e-mail and tell me if you still have the pair carrying the baskets in the first photo and if so, a little about them. Of course, the flowers in those baskets got MY attention:) Thanks!

Luv U,
Peggy xoxo