Saturday, January 29, 2011

N i g h t * V i s i o n

At a time when many of you are craving sunshine and spring,

I'm still reveling in the waning darkness of winter.

Many years ago, I had a personal color analysis done which identified me as

a "winter" . . . due to various components of my

physical characteristics.  But I think

it's more than just color

that draws me.

I love the time to see things in a different light that winter presents, 

even if it's forced upon me . . . after all, it IS still

January (briefly), isn't it?!!!

Recognizing that--all too soon--the plethora of vintage shows that

occupies the first half of 2011 will begin in earnest, and

these present quiet moments of reflection will

be long, long, gone . . . .

So  .  .  .  I'll breathe deeply right now  .  .  .  while  I  can ! ! !

Consciously taking advantage of these truly

 blessed, quiet moments before

. . .  they are GONE ! ! !

Wishing you happiness . . . right NOW!!!

xoxo ~ Debi


Florence said...

Enjoy the quiet time, rest and restore before the shows begin. Hope to see sometime in the spring. Florence

melanie said...

I just love this time of year,too...glad to know there is someone like me out there...:)
enjoy the rest of your winter quiets...

GardenGirl said...

You are sooo right Debi, embracing these moments...thank you for visiting me;)

Design Elements said...

you are right, Debi. lovely greetings

LuLu Kellogg said...

I hope you will enjoy the rest of the winter! We have only seen the sun 4 times since December 15 so I am praying for some sunshine!


Jean said...

And to you.