Saturday, February 5, 2011

. . . how to use "Indian Clubs"

I've been collecting "Indian Clubs" for many years . . . just

love the natural, sculptural appeal of displaying

them in groupings with books!!!!

But I really had NO idea how they were actually

used in *exercising*.  Just thought the clubs

didn't have enough weight to

be useful.  That is,

until . . . .

This video footage is from 1904 . . . school children showing 

us their amazing skills of coordination and timing 

with Indian Clubs . . . . . how do

they avoid *clubbing*

each other? 

WOW, isn't this impressive??!!


Peggy said...

That is so cool! All the kids are so coordinated. I can see myself bopping another kid in the head!! I like how you use them with the books, Debi. They go together well with the neat old books.

Peggy xoxo

Anonymous said...

America needs to resurrect some of long-forgotten "exercises" and get our hippo kids moving. This would be a subtle beginning. LOL

As for use in decor, your clubs add a wonderful touch and unique geometric figure. Great idea!