Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Trip with Shell . . . .

Okay ~ now that I've got your attention (NOT my Citroen, darn it), 

I'm sharing a simple, sweet and serendipitous day spent with my

good friend, Shell.  She was trying to help me blow off 

some *blues* I've been feeling lately.  Great

company, good food & retail therapy . . . 

what could possibly be better!?

First stop, Shell's favorite European-style bakery in 

Everett . . . L'Artisan

(okay I lost their card, and I'm hoping that's correct)! 

Life is short . . . look at dessert first!!!

I was THRILLED with my quiche, followed by peach tarte!!!

Speaking of *peach*, here is Todd of Bountiful Home in Edmonds. 

Business has been BOOMING at BH, and Todd was hard at

work when we popped in to visit.  He was receiving 

new shipments of merchandise for the 

coming holiday season --retailers 

have to be waaay ahead

of the game, and

Todd is

on it!

While driving up to the curb, we saw Todd's sign for "Mums,

Pansies & Kale" . . . Shell and I turned to each other

and said "Oh My" at the same time!!!

(Great minds think alike.)

Todd decided it was

a good sign


This is but a brief teaser of what's in-store at Bountiful Home.

There's gonna be major changes soon--be sure

to drop by and take a look in the next

few weeks . . . will be lovely!!!!

The rest of the day, we spent on much-needed "retail therapy".

We were far too busy to stop and take pictures--certainly

you understand.  Rest assured, the *session* was

totally beneficial in every way!!

Here's a photo of one of the kindest, funniest and most interesting

friends in the world . . . . . Shell of Bungalow Bling.

She is one of those very special people you can

always feel comfortable around, even

when you haven't seen her for a 

long time.  She's as unique

as she is talented,

I'm so lucky to 

call her my FRIEND!!!

We can be as different as night and 

day . . . and it doesn't matter

one bit!  We always find wonderful 

and highly entertaining common ground.  

THANK YOU, dear Shell,

for caring and sharing 

in a beautiful day spent


~ xoxo Debi ~



The Cloth Shed said...

Oooh...I had the exact same car!
Years ago, the children loved to stand on the back seats with the roof right back as we went on the deserted, gated roads of rural Northumberland for a picnic.
Very slowly and safely I might add, with no traffic....only the odd sheep!
Julie x

Liz said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day. Glad you feel more cheery!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Whimsical Whites said...

Hi Debi-Good friends-Good food-Good times- That is the best!
Kathy and Kris (Whimsical Whites)

Shell said...

You are Too Sweet my dear! I had a Great time too! (Thinkin' about that chair though! LOL)
It was a GREAT day! I was thinking about last summer when we headed over to the Penninsula and met up with Lisa and My sis-in-law, Mary.

Mary called today, her and my bro were headed to Crescent Lake Lodge to celebrate their 43rd Anny!

I know our friend Lisa from Sequim, is getting ready for her daughter's wedding!

I had a GREAT DAY! My camera (or computer is being weird.....sigh.....I know I can steal your pic, and thank you,,,but driving my NUTS that my pics aren't uploading right!

You have such a great "EYE" to find special goodies, that is a rare and special gift!

And, I have fun going with you, because even though we're kind of on different "missions," with as you once said, different "eyes", it works!

Hugs, Love and a supportive "Bus!"

(Thank you for all the lovely things you said about moi)

Atelier de Campagne said...

The Pastries, Yes, one of each please!!! With a good coffee on my sofa, things I miss from home in Belgium now. Thanks,