Monday, September 26, 2011

Do we have the *guts* to be in Remnants of the Past Show?

When Judy Watkins first approached us to invite our participation 

in her highly respected show, Remnants of the Past, we were

thrilled!!  Then the reality of the whole endeavor

hit us after we came down from our

beautiful *Cloud 9* . . . .

Questions such as "Can we afford it?", "Do we have enough really

good stuff?", "Can we get the kids to help?", "How do

we price?", etc., kept me awake at night!

Fortunately, our friends Dawn & Jeff from Great Findz 

and Deb & Bob from  Retreat generously 

shared their recommendations and 

experiences from already having done this show.  

Please bear in mind that we are

all competitors . . . and it says a lot about

their character and kindness 

in helping us work our

way through the evaluation!

* * *

We can't thank them enough!!!!!

In addition, we owe a great debt of gratitude to our

newly-made friends at Atelier de Campaign,

for their encouragement and ongoing

advice . . . and a lot of laughs

in between to keep us

so cheerful and 


* * *

Thank you Trino, Johan and Martin--we 

simply can't wait to meet you in

person.  Everything still seems 

daunting . . . but we're

getting our *guts* 

up for ROTP!!


love you to pieces said...

can i just say that doing rotp is a piece of cake compared to farm chicks. Been to all remnents shows (even sold as a vendor one year) and it is spectacular, but Farm chicks to me, is just amazing, much larger and your booth was fabulouse, look forward to see you in our neck of the woods, should be a great, great show in a new location..Kathy H

Ormolulu said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence, Kathy! Of course, the most arduous part is is driving 2,200 miles . . . if we can handle that, we can handle pretty much anything!!

Please be sure to introduce yourself to me okay?! Look forward to meeting you at Remnants of the Past. Our booth will be waaay in the back against the wall. Look for our giant ORMOLULU letters!!!


Sister Patty said...

You guys will knock 'em dead, just like you always do!!!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Why can't my comments show up?

Atelier de Campagne said...

OK, now I can say what I wanted...You have the "GUTS" because you have both the goods and the charisma! I for one am looking forward to look over all your goods, especially the light fixtures. Take some time as you set up to walk around and meet the other dealers, there are great fun people there. JIm do not forget my IPA! Debi, keep smiling and you guys will knock 'em dead!


Debra Hall said...

From what I can've got the goodie goods and then some! No worries.....have fun! You will be surrounded by friends and admirers.....
Can't wait to visit your booth~ Debra

Judy said...

Debi, I have no doubt that you and your booth are going to be amazing! You and Jim are so incredibly talented and you will knock them dead her in California. California needs to be shaken up by some talent from the PNW. I cannot wait to see you and save travel mercies to you and Jim. xoxo Judy