Tuesday, September 27, 2011

House is a wreck . . . but my booth is tidy!

One downside of this business I so love, is that 

so much time is spent on ensuring my 

booths ( whether shop or show ) 

are   "company worthy"   at

all times--and, therefore,

my home is NOT!!!

With three important shows in October, I'm spread

pretty thin.  Today we had to collect a few

items from Pacific Galleries for these

events.  Please see my sidebar on

the left side for information,

dates, locations, etc.

It's so hard to decide what to take and what to leave,

ensuring my booth doesn't look pillaged.

I'm rather liking the curated look,

but wish I had taken a few

other things to fill in.

Oh well, no time for second-guessing now.

Will just hope for the best and 

move forward with show


And since all of the inventory and boxes for these 

big shows is  *staged* throughout our

home,  you  can only guess  (as I'd

never-ever show pics of that!)

just how really bad it looks.  

make "The Hoarders"

look good!!!!!!


Atelier de Campagne said...

Isn't it always like that though...? customers always say to us, "I would love to see your house, I bet is heaven...!
PLEAAAAAASE! Our place always looks like we are moving in or out... ...I look forward to a time when I can have a spacious, uncluttered house. BUT, we LOVE IT!


Ormolulu said...

Glad to know we're in good company! Certainly, we love antiques and have quite a few--it's just not what we can focus on right now. Building an antiques business is not as romantic as people think--it can be a downright dirty job! But it's heaven to do what you love, nevertheless!

Thanks for commenting, Trino--much appreciated!!


Martha at Authentica said...

I just watched an episode of Hoarders a few days ago and thought if I don't do something soon, that might be me!!! Our garage is packed full, over flow is in my mother's basement and we are considering renting a storage unit...in the hopes of cleaning out our garage....I only have one booth now and so far have not started any of the shows....everything looks gorgeous in your booth! Good Luck!

Debra Hall said...

Hi there! So glad you came to visit my blog and left a comment!! You have me as a new follower as I'm laughing at your post...we are all alike I think!! I wish my house got as much attention as my booths and shows! It's always in a state of flux...... It's a combo of the "I can't part with this treasure yet" and leftovers....haha!
Welcome and nice to meet you.....I will look you up at ROTP and say Hi!

paprika rose said...

Deb...Thank you so much for sharing this fact!!! I beat myself up for not being more neat and organized AND I only sell online...haven't done a show in a long while (although would like to jump in soon). I hope your October shows were a big success! Cheers...Agnes

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I totally understand, it's a challenge to keep everything neat and tidy. {I'm not sure that's in our blood!} Can't wait to see your wares at ROTP, and meet you. xo Lidy

Melanie said...

We are so excited to have a blog! Now will you link us? ;)