Friday, May 29, 2009


NOT being one of the talented gardeners that so many of my friends in the antiques business are, I find myself gravitating to "decorating" my non-yard at this point in time.  It seems like my own environment suffers while I transport my treasures across the countryside--something's gotta give, since I'm not the energetic young thing of years past!

However, having said that, I'm getting sparks of motivation and the immense desire to direct my mini-van into various nurseries lately.  I'm a bit intimidated at all the options (and the prices--whew!) of mother nature's offerings.  

Until my ship comes in, I'm literally taking advantage of mother nature's bounty.  It's amazing what birds can "drop" into your life/garden!  Most of my greenery is "volunteer", but it looks pretty good with my concrete jungle!  

(Volunteers are buttercups, ferns, holly and the aggessive ivy--which covers up all kinds of unattractive gardening faux pas!)

Jim was none-too-pleased with me for buying this gorgeous baroque fountain recently (weighs a TON!).  I added the seated cherub to the top.  However, when he saw how happy it made me, he succumbed to helping drag it out of the van and into the "garden." 

We pulled out the ivy away from the fountain, as it's taking over the garden space--too greedy that plant!  Looking for better options . . . . 

In the meantime, I continue to contemplate what a lovely escape my small yard will be in the future, gathering ideas from all the gorgeous blogs out there!!! 


Peggy said...

Sister, you have added a magnificent decorating touch to your garden that makes it look beautiful! No one would know that you didn't plan it that way! Where I spend my money on the plants, you spend it on the special touches! Good job. See you in FIVE (5) DAYS!!!!!


Maison Douce said...

Debbie, love all your garden statues and fountains.... And I prefer a "natural" garden to a manicured one!!!

Funky Junk Sisters said...

You can come decorate my garden anytime! I need help.
We can't wait to see you at our show!

funky junk sister #2

henzy said...

great garden finds, it won't be long i hope before you will find your self in your lovely yard.