Thursday, May 28, 2009


The greatly anticipated FARM CHICKS SHOW is next week.  Trying to get all my barn animals into the van is taking considerable convincing . . . I feel like Noah's Ark!  (Perhaps we should rename our big, white Dodge van from "Moby"--the big, white whale--to "Arky"!!  

Due to the length of the trip from Bellingham, and the fact that I can't drive the trailer alone (okay, so call me a chicken--cackle, cackle!), it's ALL gotta fit into one vehicle.  I should rent space in Deb and Bob Kennedy's giant trailer . . . except I know they will have it packed to the proverbial rafters!  Am I right, you guys?!!!!

I feel giddy, like Christmas morning--so much to look forward to at Farm Chicks.  When the vendors and the customers have this much buzz going on, you KNOW it's gonna be great!!    


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Yeah, Deb, our trailer is going to be packed to the gills for this one!

Kim G. said...

Farm Chicks Rocks!! This will be my third time, sadly I am flying and can't load up the wagon. See you there!! Yahoooo!!!