Monday, May 25, 2009


I feel like that (now-) vintage print of the cat literally hanging by it's claws.  I keep putting my oars in the water . . . spending money, time, immense physical effort and more than a little psychological capital in order to create a living in the vintage arts.   However, to what "net affect" achieved is hard to tell these days.  We are all affected by the economic downturn.  If we can "hang on" like that cat in the silly print . . . will we be okay?  

Well, if this past weekend in Langley on Whidbey Island was any indication, I think I can say a resounding YES!  Very few of us made as much financially as we had hoped, but we had an enormously good time with each other.  Perhaps it was the long-awaited sunshine and sweet breeze, perhaps it was the small and intimate nature of the show itself, perhaps it was the delicious home-made food from the caterers (they certainly  had plenty of business!), who knows?!

Here are a few booth photos.  My absolute favorite item (which didn't sell and I truly don't care), is the dreamy, creamy antique French painted cupboard loaded with goodies.  Morning sun streaming in made photos difficult . . . c'est la vie!

It's always a challenge to take aged inventory that didn't make it to a new home in a previous sales environment and make it 

look "new" again in another venue, but it's much like moving items around your home until they find a new "home."

Thanks to our generous and kind show promoter, Ann Flynn (who was already housing three other dealers in her own home), I landed an overnight accommodation

better than any hotel I could dream up!  The immensely talented Gaye and George Rolstad have a completely redesigned, rebuilt country French home with this darling "garage" (actually George's shop is downstairs and the simply divine apartment is upstairs).  It felt as though living in a dream.  Sorry, not enough pictures . . . I was too busy dreaming!

Hope all of you had a splendid Memorial Day Weekend--working or not--and that you remembered comrades and family members who have valiantly fought to give us the American Dream. . . the one that still  keeps us all "hanging on"!!!   

xoxoxo Debi


Linda said...

Hi Debi,
Oh I wanted to come over this weekend so bad, were you at the show at the Fairgrounds? But alas I was poor and knew if I went I would just get depressed seeing things I wanted but could not get right now.
But I will try to be ready for the next one, love it on Whidbey and in Langley etc. So fun!

GardenGirl said...

Hi Debi!!
So glad your weekend went well, sounds like it was perfect! I will be at "Funky Junk" as well, Puyallup is home to me, and close to where I had my former shop. I haven't done a show in awhile, but when they asked me I had to say yes! So it'll be fun to see everyone and meet you too! I escaped to the Oregon Coast with my husband for Memorial Day and junked all the way there. There's nothing like the beach to breath new life into you.

Gayle said...

Debi--Good to see you at the last Barn Sale!! Maybe we'll see you during Expo week. Your things look great.

Fun to read about Gaye Rolstad and her husband--their place is adorable. Tell her Hi from me next time you see her.

My best Gayle

~La Rustique Market~ said...

Hi! Deb,

I have something lovely for you on my blog...check it out!


Deborah Burton said...

Lisa, I couldn't leave a comment on your blog, so I tried email and here too. THANK YOU for honoring my little blog . . . all the way from Texas!

I'll be at Farm Chicks next week in Spokane with lots of fellos bloggers--wish you could join us!


Amy'svintagecottage said...

My old stomping ground! I went to Junior high and High School in langley, did not appreciate the beauty so much when I was a teen, but would give anything to have a place there now. Remind me next year, I'd like to try and do the show.