Sunday, November 8, 2009


Christianson's Nursery in Skagit County had their annual Christmas Open House this past weekend.  These wonderfully skilled merchandisers, as always, delighted the soul!!

There are many nurseries out there, but Christianson's is an absolute standout.  It's not for the shy-of-pocketbook . . . but there is always something you can find to take home without hyperventilating (except for the awe!!!). 

There are several gorgeous out-buildings that house some of the most incredible and hard-to-find plants and flowers around . . . and the small garden shed (door above) is always full of antiques & stunning gifts.

The beauty of the environment was a real stimulus to my Christmas spirit . . . as well as the fresh-pressed hot cider, cheese puffs, baked brie with toasted pecans, ham spread (don't even think Armour!) with pickled onions, and little chocolate "lava" cakes.

Always a great supply of ironstone & vintage silver . . . .

These photos don't do this incredible display justice . . . the twinkly lights on all the trees in galvanized antique pots, urns . . . ooh-la-la!!!

Chandeliers fit for a queen throughout the store--I'm feeling faint!!!
xo Debi

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Peggy said...

Ah, I am so sorry that I don't live close enough to go with you, Sis. What a wonderful way to start the holiday season. It would be a perfect outing sometime in the future:)